Extreme Parisian chic evidently runs in families…

Comme maman, comme fille...

The fashion mag world was aflutter yesterday because Emmanuelle Alt was named as the replacement for the so-chic-it-hurts Carine Roitfeld, who is stepping down as éditrice en chef of Paris Vogue after one hell of a ten-year ride.

The fact that Alt, a 45-year-old hot mama, was moved into the number slot wasn’t a shocker; she’d been in the number two slot as fashion director for a decade.

So while no industry insiders were denying that she has the chops to pull it off, there was a little bit of skepticism (from Karl Lagerfeld, mainly) about whether Alt will want to cover the sartorial waterfront for her readers, and not just commission shoots that reflect her own image: tough and edgy, invariably clad in sharp-shouldered jackets, skinny skinny skinny jeans and towering spikes.

Though I’m hoping Carine keeps a high profile (I totes worship her, and I’d be bereft if I couldn’t see 8 million new pics of her on a daily basis), I’m also rooting for Emmanuelle. How could I not, when she dresses her adorable daughter comme ça?

I wish I could hop an aeroplane right now, for a Wee Lass / Chic Parisian Missy playdate in the City of Light.