Light-beaming good vibes to Catherine Zeta-Jones

The veritable textbook definition of a hot mama.

I don’t know about you, but the news that the freakily stunning (and talented, grrr…) Catherine Zeta-Jones has been diagnosed with bipolar II disorder, and recently sought in-patient help for it, has hit me a little hard. Especially since, from what I understand, it’s a mental illness that can take root at any age, is characterized by heaps of depression, and is often precipitated by a highly stressful event.

I’m pretty sure watching one’s beloved movie star husband dealing with advanced throat cancer qualifies as a stressful event.

For years, I’ve been fascinated by this woman. To me, she represents pretty much the epitome of having it all. First we’ve got the looks, and then we’ve got the unimpeachable acting | dancing | singing chops, and then we’ve got the Hollywood royalty spouse and the adorable kids.

Oh, right – and the Oscar. Remember how cutely preggo she was when got up there to collect her little golden guy?

Still, in all lives, even one as blindingly sunny as CZJ’s, a little rain must fall.

Because perfect strangers sometimes approach Hubby and tell him he looks just like Michael Douglas (thank you, cleft chin!), and because Mr. D happens to be one of the best actors of all time (if you haven’t seen Solitary Man, you must must must Netflix it immediately), we were both tracking his bout with cancer pretty closely. And we were so relieved that he got through it, and is on the mend.

Now, with this turn of events, I’m again rooting for this gorgeous couple. She’s super-brave for putting it out there for public consumption, and without question, she’s throwing a much-needed spotlight on an ailment most people (including Yours Truly) didn’t know much about.

I’m wishing her all the best. Team Catherine. Big time.