Fruit-only before noon is ultra de-chubbifying

Yummy, energizing and slimming. It’s all good.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been eating like shite this summer. Come to think of it, I ate like shite last summer too. Detecting a bit of a pattern here. Summer = eating like shite.

Anyway, I’ve decided to wrest control over the situation (and my not-especially-svelte thighs) by doing something that worked like a charm for me all spring: Eating only fruit before noon.

This is not a new concept. And it’s not especially earth-shattering, akin to, say, the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus. Or Amerigo Vespucci, or whoever first landed on these fine shores lo all those years ago.

And speaking of ancient history…

You’re probably too young to remember a seminal diet book from the Eighties entitled Fit for Life. Well, I’m not. And that puppy was a game-changer. It was the first of the genre to get into the nitty gritty of proper food-combining, and the then-radical notion that eating fruit on anything but a completely empty stomach is a baaaad idea.

Why? Because – and please excuse the utter grossness of this theory – if you dig into a slice of watermelon or pop a handful of grapes in your mouth after inhaling a steak or a bowl of pasta, the fruit just lays there on top. And then the whole big blob of food (the steak, the grapes) starts fermenting and rotting. Blech. The personification of gnarliness, in other words.

According to the Fit for Life authors, fruit needs to fly free. And the best time to OD on it is in the morning, after a good solid eight hours of shut-eye, and before we’ve started shoveling in any other food.

Flashforward several decades and Hollywood’s hottest nutritionist – Kimberly Snyder – is banging the same fruit-only drum in her info-packed Beauty Detox Solution book.

I love the whole premise of Kim’s work, which is that what we eat – and when we eat it – plays a massive role in what we look like. That’s a really smart way to get us wanna-be hot mamas to load up on our fruits and veggies – appeal to our vanity and superficiality!

Which brings me, finally, to the BIG IDEA behind this blog post. I’ve completely bought into the fruit-needs-to-fly-free concept. I was on that bandwagon way back in the Eighties. But now, after re-reading Kim’s book – and remembering how much frigging energy I had all spring – I’m hooked again.

And most important, I’m considerably less chunky when I’m fruiting before noon. Fruit is insanely good for you, and it’s de-chubbifying. So much to love.