Awww, I don’t use my little fitness log anymore

Whoa, these are chic, no?
Whoa, these are chic, no?

When we moved this past July, I’m ashamed to admit that two important Momover Lady health habits bit the dust and have, thus far, stayed bitten: Keeping my little fitness log and meditating.

Of the two lapses, the not-meditating bidness is huge, MASSIVE. I’m not remotely psyched about losing the thread on that, because at a certain point, before we moved, I was on such a good roll. So I need to get back to it, stat. Yesterday I took part in a guided meditation, which was so, so, so, so great. But it’s imperative that I maintain a regular practice, for so many reasons.

Project of all projects.

Dropping my fitness log hasn’t been such a big deal, for this simple fact: After so many years, I just don’t need it for motivation anymore. I work out CONSTANTLY. I have to, or my brain would crack open from stress. (I’m a just a leetle high-strung.) In fact, as soon as I hit “publish” on this here itty bitty blog post, I’m heading right to the gym. And the current time is…5:47. I’ve slurped my java, gulped down my SeroVital, and now I wanna squeeze in a quick blast of fitness before┬áthe Wee Lass pries open her big blue eyes and starts demanding toast with Nutella.

I have to say, tho, that I miss my tattered, scribbled-on little buddy. Over the years it’s been incredibly useful. Faithful Momoverettes might remember my 2010 goal to exercise 200 times. OMG, that was NOT easy. And, sadly, I only made it to 195 sessions. But if I didn’t have my little log, how would I possibly have kept track? I have the attention span of fruit fly.

And don’t say: “With an app. Duh.”

Have you met me? I’m super-duper techno-phobic.

I gotta jet to the weight room, but before I scoot off, I just have to do a mini infomercial for fitness logs, which I heartily endorse – ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE A NEW MOM:

If you start keeping a fitness log as soon as your OB / GYN gives you the green light to start exercising again, you’ll be sending a WILDLY IMPORTANT message to yourself that “Mommy Matters” – that taking excellent care of yourself is the starting point for taking excellent care of your baby. Think of your log your “you” space – and consider weaving in all the other healthy stuff you’re doing to recover from delivery. That could mean water intake, supplements you’re taking, meals and anything spiritual / meditation-y that you’re managing to squeeze into your day to stay sane and rested. Start flexing this Mommy Matters muscle early, and it will stick.

Okay, I have some Nutella to slather. Speak soon.