Be honest: How much are you j’adoring that supersweet Andre Agassi / Steffi Graff commercial for Longines?

You can't see it, but they're holding hands here.
You can’t see it, but they’re holding hands here. Awwww….

Faithful Momoverettes may recall how much I totally, completely and utterly loved Andre Agassi’s amazing memoir, Open. So, soooo well-written. It’s shockingly candid, and heartbreaking in several spots, but ultimately super-uplifting. It’s a must-read, even if you’re not a tennis nut, as I clearly am.

As for Steffi, she seems really lovely – quiet, shy, low-key. And I will say that the one and only blog post I’ve ever written about her ¬†– on the topic of her incredible legs – is among my most popular.

Although it ran semi-incessantly during the French Open, I didn’t get tired of watching the new-ish Longines 30-second spot starring Andre and Steffi, and about a billion kids whose lives they’ve changed through charitable foundation and their Las Vegas charter school, Andre Agassi College Prepatory Academy.

If you haven’t seen the commercial, go here and watch it on YouTube.

Titled “Children,” the spot starts off with a split screen – Andre on the left, Steffi on the right. Simultaneously, we trace the arcs of their careers – first, they’re tiny tots whacking tennis balls; ¬†then they’re awkward, mulletted twenty-somethings (well, at least Andre was mulletted); then they’re superstar tennis champs, hoisting massive Grand Slam trophies aloft.

Then we see / hear several of the prep-school kids telling us what they’ve learned at the Academy. “I learned respect,” says one. “I learned responsibility,” says another.

Cut to a shot of two beautiful hands uniting, and a slow pan up the denim-clad legs of Mr. + Mrs. Tennis Awesomeness.

I like this commercial, but I love what Andre and Steffi are doing with their post-tournament lives. It’s inspiring.