Beauty Armoire Monday: Gooey, gloppy balm cleansers are pretty parfait for “winter”

These are very Euro-y, which I really like
These two babies are very Euro-y, which I really like.

I wore leggings to Cardio Tennis this morning rather than one of those miniskirt numbers – you know the kind with the attached hot pants, that allow you to stuff balls up the legs? – so that’s pretty much code for…the temperature dipped below 70 degrees.

That doesn’t happen much in my neck of the woods, but when it does, anyone with even an ounce of fashion sense does a festive little jig. Why? Because we get to pry ourselves out of our Birks and Bermudas for a hot second, and wear some actual clothes for a change.

Let’s put it this way: I just did my semi-annual “closet flip” from spring / summer to fall / winter yesterday, on 3 Janvier. When I lived in New York, I’d be flipping out circa mid-Septembre.

Another delicious change I’m making, at least at night: Switching from my industrial-strength cleanser (Clinique Wash-Away Gel Cleanser…discontinued and bootlegged on Amazon for 80 smackers!!!) to the lush, soothing formulas pictured here.

Right now, at night, I’m toggling between Eve Lom Cleanser and Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm.

The Eve is incredibly storied, and has won multiple awards and countless raves from editor in-the-know types. (I’ll boldly count myself among those editor in-the-know types; I’ve been writing about beauty since before many of you hot mamas were even born. Or at least before you were out of Huggies…)

It comes with a signature Muslin Cloth, which is equally storied.

But if I had to pick a favorite among these two – like if I were literally forced to pick one, and only one, gooey, gloppy balm cleanser – I think I’d have to go with the Elemis.

OMG, it is divine. And yes, it comes with a cloth, too.

Cloth = exfoliation. Cloth = old school Clarisonic.

Still, the Elemis may not be for everyone. It’s very scent-y. (Aka “sensorielle,” as the French say, although Elemis is a British brand.) And it’s borderline oily, which I realize isn’t everyone’s cup o’ tea.

For me, right now – in the dead of our 65-degree, Gulf Coast of Florida “winter” – it’s just what the skin doctor ordered.