Beauty Armoire Monday-Slash-Tuesday: Pureology Smooth Perfection haircare has cracked the code

Oh my. This stuff. Good. Great, even.
Oh my. This stuff. Good. Great, even.

Jingle bells, jingle bells…

Here we are, 3 days before Xmas and I’m thinking about…frizz.

But for once in my ever-lovin life, my thoughts around frizz are cheerful.


Unafraid to face the future.

There are two key reasons why I’ve been lifted out of my coarse hair despair: One I’ve already blogged about – my spiffy new T3 PROi dryer. The other I’m about to clue you in to this very second: Pureology Smooth Perfection.

I first learned about this groundbreaking goo – a full range including shampoo, conditioner, styling prods – this past summer, while researching and writing a DIY blowout story for the NY Post.

Sooooo good. I’ve already chewed through the shampoo and conditioner, so I need to re-up. But thankfully I still have plenty of the Intense Smoothing Cream, which I slather – lightly, lightly – on freshly washed hair right before drying.

Evidently, camellia oil plays a pivotal role in the Smooth Perfection collection. I’ve never really done much deep-thinking about camellia oil, but perhaps I should. Apparently it’s quite the hair-beautifier. Want proof? Here you go: Japanese women have sworn by it for centuries for hydrating dry, rough ends and revving up elasticity.

And, please, who has lovelier locks than Japanese women? No one, that’s who.

I’m not Japanese, not even a little bit.

I’m just a girl with naturally frizzy locks, who, because of Pureology Smooth Perfection and my trusty T3 PROi dryer, no longer wants to pull her hair out.