Beauty Armoire Monday: The T3 PROi dryer. Words can’t express how much I love this sleek silver baby

Saving me beaucoup bucks in blowouts.
Saving me beaucoup bucks in blowouts. Sooooo gooood.

I trust you Momoverettes saw my epic masterpiece on DIY blowouts in Alexa, the new(ish) and gorge fashion + beauty section in The New York Post? 

What???? You haven’t read “Smooth Operators” (aka “Get Amal Clooney’s Blowout”) yet?

Do it now. We’ll wait. I know you’ll want to learn all about the new prods and gear that can help you upgrade your next encounter with sopping wet, fresh-from-the-shower hair.

Since I moved from Gotham to FLA, I’ve cut way, waaaaaaaay back on my salon blowouts. Have I had a few? Yes? But I can literally count them on one hand.

Okay, maybe one full hand plus a couple of fingers on the other one. But still, nowhere near the amount I used to get when I lived up north and clocked-in at Condé Nast on a regular basis.

For starters, the humidity is often raging down here, so even the spendiest blowout starts to puff up minutes after you get out of that chair.

Two, after literally decades of trying to learn how to dry my own hair – and private lessons with some of the biggest hair gods on the planet, including Michael Gordon – I have finally, finally, for the love of god finally, broken through.

Yes, you read that right: I’ve been practicing like crazy lately and I’m happy – make that thrilled – to report I can now give myself a better-than-decent blowout.

Is it perfect? No. If I compare my handiwork to a Drybar or Dream Dry blowout, which last for days, it comes up short.

Still, it’s perfectly serviceable. When I use the right products (more on those next week) and take my time, I’m actually super-happy with the results.

Making the task infinitely easier is my cherished new T3 PROi dryer.

Oh my lordy, I love it so much that if I didn’t need to use it about three times a week I’d have it bronzed.

I’d build a shrine to it.

I’d establish a scholarship in its name for it.

I just checked the reviews on, and it’s up to 563 “loves” already since its September debut, so I know I’m not alone in my affection for this sleek, powerful tool.

One of the PROi’s chief claims to fame is that it works its magic quickly, saving you not only time but damage. It blasts you – in a good way – with tons of concentrated air. And infrared heat, which cuts down on frizzies.

I have to go forage for the Wee Lass’s dinner right now, so I can’t write more about the tech-y reasons this dryer is so damn great.

Just know that it is.