I have 9760 emails in my inbox. There’s no way that’s good feng shui. (And I totally want good feng shui.)

A girl can dream, right?
I’ll never get to 0. But I can slice + dice.

In addition to beauty products, and magazines (yup, the actual paper kind…they were a real thing in the 20th century…), I apparently hoard emails.

I say “apparently,” when I should actually be tracking down the nearest meeting of Email Hoarders Anonymous.

This isn’t up for debate; I’m just Jane Q Citizen and I have dangerously close to 10k emails in my Gmail account. I’m pretty sure thatĀ isn’t normal.

What to do…what to do…

Are any of you lovely Momoverettes signed-up for my crunchy-crush Leo Babauta’s Sea Change Program? If so, you already know that July is “De-Clutter Month.”

While I’ve definitely chucked a lot of books recently, I can’t seriously crack down on clutter until we finally get all our closets built out – yay! yay! Project Closet starts next week! – and I can see exactly what storage we’ll have here in FLA.

Hubby and I have made a pact (a not iron-clad pact, a pact in fact riddled with escape clauses) that if whatever we have doesn’t fit in the new closets or in shelving units in the garage, it is gone like the wind.

No offsite storage units.

This will be a first for us. We’ve always tucked stuff, whether it was Xmas decorations, bikes or ski clothes – in storage units. We also stored a sizeable stash of ad hoc pieces of furniture for the bigger house we would someday own.

But now we’ve landed in a home that we intend to live in for at least the next 10 years. Will we go bigger when the Wee Lass flies the coop for college? Does anyone go bigger when their tots fly the coop for college? I would think most folks decrease their square footage in empty nest sitches, not increase...

Anyway, I’m losing the plot here – I meant to blog about the scary amount of emails I possess. Not theoretical, a-decade-down-the-road empty nest scenarios.

So what happens when your inbox is overrun with missives from the outside world? Baaaaaaaaad stuff; according to the core tenets of feng shui, hanging on to old emails creates communication blockages.

I’m not down with communication blockages. Instead, I would like to have crystal-clear lines of communication between me and the universe.

Thus, like the Workout Challenge I set for myself in 2010 – that I would exercise 200 times, come hell or high water – I am herewith making a public pledge re: my inbox.

Btw, my crunchy-crush Leo Babauta is very into public accountability; by telling someone you’re gonna do something, you’re more likely to make good on your word.

So here it is…wait for it…

By September 1, I will be the proud owner of 500 or fewer emails in my inbox. That means I need to spike a mere 9k plus.

My head is about to explode just thinking about that.

But I’ll do it.

And I’ll let you know how I fare.