Consuming so much media my head might crack open

Timothy Ferriss = Inspired Genius
Timothy Ferriss = Inspired Genius

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear I was on some kind of crystal meth-y type of chemical stimulant. But unless you count strong java and bowls of gluten-free oatmeal, I’m totally drug-free.

Still, I’ve been borderline manic in my media consumption in the past 48 hours. Although the Wee Lass had Friday off from school (forcing me to babysit until the nanny arrived in the afternoon), I managed to squeeze in snippets of approximately one million books, one thousand magazines, a ton of online media, and several television shows.

Crazy, crazy, but so much fun; pop culture addict that I am, it was the best couple of days I’ve had in moons. Toggling back and forth between old school print and newfangled devices (iPad, mini iPad, flat-screen TV), I wolfed down bits and pieces of the following:


1. This one right here, The 4-Hour Chef by Timothy Ferriss. I’ve only recently hopped on the TF bandwagon, but I find him utterly fascinating.(And I love that he’s friends with my other alternative-thinking crush, Leo “Zen Habits” Babauta.) I try not to feel like a slacker when I stop to consider the staggering amount of stuff Tim has accomplished and taught himself in his short life, because he’s super-human. I’m reading this book electronically because it’s gigundo, and would take up too much space on my already crammed bookshelves.

2. Grace, the impossibly charming memoir by über-stylist Grace Coddington. What an incredible life she’s led. And her drawings!!!!! Consider me officially jealous of her illustration skills. Swoon.

3. Stuff I bought on a field trip to Target with the Wee Lass: To Heaven And Back: A Doctor’s Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again. At some point, I caught a segment with the author on The Today Show, and her tale intrigued me. The tone is a little too Bible-y for my taste, but I can’t wait to read about her experience. And on the other end of the serious spectrum, Hotel Vendome by Danielle Steel. C’est vrai – j’adore chick lit. 

4. Books, free and not so, that I also downloaded to my dueling iPads: A) The Worry Solution by Dr. Martin Rossman, because I want to learn more about guided imagery as an antidote against stress. Ooh, just noticed the foreword to The Worry Solution is by Andrew Weil, whom I worship. B) With my new iBooks app, I nabbed, for free, A Little Bit of Everything for Dummies. I love the Dummies series, and this one is totally kitchen sink, with chapters on everything from sex tips and knitting to digital cameras. C) A short story – Swim – by Jennifer Weiner, chick lit writer extraordinaire.

Magazines + catalogues 

5. March O, which promises to help “De-Clutter Your Life!” There’s much good stuff of an organizing nature, as well as a jaw-dropping peek into Oprah’s massive Santa Barbara digs, which she has deemed unsuitable for relaxing and actually living in. It’s all too precious, too museum-quality. One cute caption, accompanying a pic of her psychotically pristine shelves: “It’s not easy to do an entire library that says, Do not touch the books, but I somehow managed.”

6. February InStyle, which I’d forgotten to buy before the March issue waltzed into our lives. There was a lone copy tucked in the back of a shelf at Target, so I scooped it right  up. Score. Can’t wait to read the fashion fix-it piece on “9 Muffin Top Miracles”! Thanks to my blistering Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis sessions, I’m starting to gain a teensy weensy bit of ab shrinkage, but I could still use a good five or six of those 9 muffin miracles.

7. “The Spring Shoe Edit” edition of the Vicky’s Secret catalogue. I’m heading to Palm Beach next weekend for a work event, so I stocked up on numerous pairs, including these Mid-Heel Sandals in hot pink and black. Because of my love for animals, I don’t buy leather, and Vicky’s always has great, great, great cruelty-free footwear in Momover Lady-friendly teensy weensy size 5s.

Television shows 

8. Nashville. So gosh darn good. Of course it was Connie Britton who initially lured me to this sexy series, but I’ll be damned if Hayden Panettiere isn’t handing Mrs. Coach her lunch.

9. RHOBH. I’ve watched this season on-demand and completely out of sequence, but it hardly matters. In keeping with my Lent pledge of no negativity, I will only say that I continue to love, love, love Pinkie, and both Brandi and even – gasp – Yolanda are growing on me.

10. Girls. Oh my lordy, this has to be most hi-larious show on TV right now. Andrew Rannells is so cute and demonic that I could eat him with a spoon, and Jemima Kirke rocks. But that Lena Dunham….sooooo massively gifted. I know everyone in the Western hemisphere is saying the same thing about her right now, but who cares? It’s true.