If you’re beaching it (again???) this weekend, protect those long, fried locks with this super-cute hairstyle

I'm braid-challenged, but maybe you're not?
I’m braid-challenged, but maybe you’re not?

Maje merci beaucoup to NYC’s beautiful Butterfly Studio Salon – specifically hairstylist Jill Engelsen – for this simultaneously adorable and healthifying look.

If you’re like the grown-up version of the Wee Lass and her long-haired pals, your sun, chlorine and wind-whipped ends are fried beyond recognition, and you totally need it.

Heck, my locks barely scrape my shoulders (and I couldn’t French-braid my way out of a paper bag) and I totally need it.

That’s why I’m just gonna steal the masque portion of the program.

Okay, off we go:

1. Wet your hair, towel it off a smidge, slather it with an intensive conditioning, masque-y type of product (Jill’s faves are below) and comb it through.

2. Part it in the middle and start French-braiding one side, from the tippity-top of your crown.

3. Once you get to the nape of your neck (yup, it’s called the nape…you’re welcome), switch gears from French to a regular braid.

4. Securely bobby-pin the end of the braid to the top of your noggin. And I mean securely; no doubt you’ll be chasing your tot all over hell’s creation this Labor Day weekend, the last (sob, sob…) gasp of summer.

Adding a side pic here so you can see what I mean about the French braid morphing into a regular braid, and the secure pinning:

Updo Braid 1










5. Repeat the whole she-bang on the other side. Like I needed to tell you that? LOL…

And now, as promised, here Jill Engelsen’s fave prods for this style:

1. Philip B Katira Hair Masque

2. Philip B Rejuvenating Oil (Sensing a Philip B theme yet? Couldn’t agree w/ Jill more. His prods are incroyable. Slightly spendy but Worth. It.)

3. KMS California Moist Repair Therapy Treatment 

Okay, I gotta go whack some tennis balls.

Enjoy your long weekend! Protect your long hair!