It’s just way too easy to get discouraged with weight loss. (Or lack there of…)

Sadly, not on the menu right now.
Sadly, these are not on the menu right now.

Last night, as I guzzled a Shock Top Honeycrisp brewski and chomped into a piece of garlic bread during my Victory Dinner at a neighborhood resty (Yay! I’m now a Docent at the stunning Dali Museum!), Hubby turned to me and asked:

“So how’s it going with the carb-counting?”

Can you spell B-U-Z-Z-K-I-L-L? Holy (forbidden) cannoli…

Yes, it was a little mean. But a lot necessary.

Why? Because after only a few weeks, I’d already started giving up on my efforts to curb my carb intake.

This is why I never get to my goal weight. I backslide.

I backslide even when I know that patience is the key to gettin’ it done.

After Hubby and I had our Official Carb Summit, he warned me that it could take up to a month to start seeing results.

Maybe because it was coming on the heels of another “miracle” plan that didn’t really whittle my middle – The 8-Hour Diet, which I’ve blogged about recently – I just felt like throwing in the towel on carb-counting almost immediately when I didn’t see the number on my scale head south.

But giving up is what I always do when I’m trying to lose weight. Consequently, I am rarely at a weight I feel is optimal.

The specifics: I’m 5’1 and weigh – as of one minute ago, when I just hopped on the scale – 111.5 lbs.

That’s 11.5 lbs more than I’d like to weigh.

Is it realistic for me to want to get down to 100 lbs? Especially at my age?

Perhaps no.

But what about the other scenario? The “perhaps yes” scenario? I kinda feel that it’s at least somewhat in my interest to get to a weight I think would look very good on my Olsen Twin-Tiny frame.

As boring and tedious as it is, I think I need to start keeping food + drink log. There are reams of data pointing to the benefits of tracking what you consume, and yet I don’t do it.

Considering how bummed I am about failed efforts to blast the blubber, though, I don’t know that I have any other choice.

And while I’m not particularly tech-y, I should probably deploy some method that involves my iPhone. That feels at least a little less geeky than pulling out a tiny notebook and scribbling down every nibble.

I just found this great roundup of online food-trackers on the Redbook mag site. It might be a little old, but I think a lot of these apps are still in play.

I’m leaning toward My Fitness Pal, which I wrote about while I was at BRIDES. There’s really good buzz on that.

Whoa – on the My Fitness Pal homepage, I found this stat:

“Medical studies show that keeping a food journal DOUBLES your weight loss!”

I’m down with doubling the de-blubbering. You?

And speaking of fitness: I need to go sign-up for Cardio Tennis at my racquet club, and then hit the gym. A bient├┤t.