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Edie Falco's "Carm": Pitch.Freaking.Perfect
Edie Falco’s “Carm”: Pitch.Freaking.Perfect. And that mani!

Note to the Wee Lass: If you don’t wear the new petal-pink scarf Mommy is currently knitting for you, you are in so, so, soooo much trouble – a world of trouble. I know you think the first one I lovingly crafted for you is too itchy (and hello, you couldn’t be more wrong about that), so I specifically picked “baby blanket” yarn from Michael’s to whip up this glam, fringed number. Ergo, you will be sporting it this winter.

Okay, onto this post:

Yay, yay, yay! I’ve entered the fun part of my summer! The part in which I get to haul my not-fat-because-I’m-been-running-every-day ass out of the office and out into the big wide world.

In a few hours, we hop a plane to America’s Heartland. We’re headed to Hubby’s sister’s gorge house on the extremely purty Table Rock Lake. But we’re bookending the lake trip with overnight stays at the Ritz and The Four Seasons in St. Louis, which I’m très psyched about. Faithful Momoverettes know I live, live, live for schmancy hotels. I even endeavor to make my own home look just like one. You know, chic, but utterly devoid of signs of actual life…

Happily, in the run-up to our vacay, I’ve been keeping myself bizzy with the aforementioned scarf-making, as well as a ton of reading and oodles of telly-viewing. And basically, all of it ties together with a nifty little bow.

Here’s how:

1. I’m knitting while binge-watching Sopranos on HBO On Demand. OMG times a trillion. In my pre-Hubby years, when I was a swingle and out every night of my life, I only watched the early seasons sporadically. What a treat to catch up on it. I am blown away by James Gandolfini’s ability to utterly, completely inhabit Tony Soprano. Jesus. There isn’t one second when you’re thinking: That’s James Gandolfini playing Tony Soprano. But even more astonishing, IMHAmateurCultureCriticO, is Edie Falco’s portrayal of the perpetually conflicted Carmela. Those Juicy tracksuits! Those Marie Antoinette-by-way-of-Coney Island updos! She’s made a pact with the devil in hitching her wagon to Mr. T, and she suffers for it every episode.

2. I’m crash-reading The White Queen by Philippa Gregory so I can stay one step of the new mini-series on Starz. Did any of y’all see the first episode last Saturday? Oh my lordy, so much bodice-ripping. Too much, me thinks. But I love the casting. Jeremy Irons’ son Max as Edward! Janet McTeer as Jacquetta! And the young woman who plays Elizabeth is ravishing. I likey. And I’m loving the book, too, which doesn’t surprise me; I’m a Philippa Gregory nerd, big-time.

Oops, there should be a third point here, to round-out today’s core thesis. But there isn’t. Because we’re heading to Newark Airport at exactly 1200 Hours. And Momover Lady isn’t packed.