News: Maria Sharapova is Avon’s new face. Not news: Maria Sharapova believes in busting your — to reach your goals.

She's a winner. And obvi very purty.
She’s a winner. And so lanky! Vive la France!

Something I haven’t made time for in the last five days: Watching my DVR-ed French Open 2014 finals match between Maria Sharapova and Simona Halep.

Spoiler alert: Sharapova won.

So here she is, clutching her second Coupe des Mousquetaires. Man, I love writing that – Coupe des Mousquetaires.

I just did it yesterday, when I blogged about crying, and how cool it is because my beloved Rafael Nadal wiped away tears – with his taped, battered fingers – when he clinched the men’s Roland Garros title on Sunday for the ninth (!) time.

What do Maria and Rafa have in common? They’re glamorous champions.

Glampions, if you will.

Supersmart Avon – totally seizing this glamorous champion, Maria Sharapova moment – just signed her to be the face of two upcoming fragrances: Avon Luck for Her and Avon Luck for Him, which land in October.

When they sent word about this new alliance, Avon added a Sharapova soundbite.

I like it so much – and believe in it so much – that I’m passing it on, lock stock and barrel, here:

“Having the opportunity to partner with Avon as the face of Avon Luck is such an honor. I’ve been incredibly lucky in my own life and I love what Avon Luck stands for. I always say the harder you work, the luckier you are because you strive for bigger goals. So I am excited to represent a fragrance that reminds me to savor and truly enjoy our triumphs.”

So cool, right? She’s addressing the magic of self-discipline, which I completely, utterly swear by.

But she’s also saying that when you’ve worked really hard, and gained something important from all that hard work – like your second Coupe des Mousquetaires – you should be happy. Cartwheel happy.