Okay, so now the closets have been done. Now comes the really hard part: Editing what goes in them

I asked for shelves. I got shelves.
I asked for cabinets, drawers and shelves. I got ’em. 

Fact: We keep buying 2k square-foot homes, when I think we’re actually 3k – at least – kinda people. When we try to squeeze all three of us, plus those damn cats, who are simultaneously adorable and a complete pain in the ass, into a 2k square-foot space, we always need an offsite storage unit or six.

Obvi we’re not the sole members of the bursting-at-the-seams club, even down here in FLA, where they grow the houses a lot bigger than they do in New York.

And not to be even remotely judgy, but in my new ‘hood, I’ve noticed a specific phenomenon: When a family parks its cars in the driveways, it’s usually because their garages are packed – packed! – with stuff.

We’re hoping to avoid that fate, and to be able to shelter at least one of our motor vehicles in the space for which it’s intended.

But right now, we’re so not there yet.

Earlier this week, we had all seven closets – plus the laundry room – tricked-out, an event that I’d been anxiously awaiting all summer.

And they look seriously good, which I’m thrilled about.

Still, there are limits to what professionally designed closets can do for a family. Sure, you’ll have better places to tuck your stuff, and the space will be sliced and diced in a manner that makes stuff-keeping more efficient.

But if you’ve just got too much stuff, it doesn’t matter how tricked-out your closets are. You’ll still have to pare down.

I spent most of Friday and Saturday trying to figure out what will get to live in my new walk-in closet, and what will have to make its way elsewhere.

OMG, so so so so hard. For a few reasons: One, we’ve only been here a few months, so I really want to get through an entire year before I decide what is truly ridic to hang on to.

For example, I had a pretty massive coat and jacket collection up north. And while I donated quite a few, at least six or seven, before we headed south, I kept several. Like a new navy J. Crew peacoat Hubby gave me for Xmas (awwww….), multiple down vests and a vintage faux leopard number that I’ve had for years and is still wicked cool.

Will I wear any of that outerwear here? My closet designer says no. “You’ll see,” she chuckled.

Two, although I’m working from home now, I may just surprise us all and git myself a job. If I do git myself a job, I’ll need outfit cuteness. And purses. Lots of purses. I’m one of those broads who switches-out her bag every day to go with her ensemble.

Three…actually, there isn’t really a third good reason why I’m stalling on making the painful decisions regarding my wardrobe. I think those two are sufficient: 1) I want to get through a whole year down here to see to what extent, if any, the seasons change. And 2) I don’t really know yet how social I’ll be, and whether I’ll eventually find myself in an office setting again. In other words, I’m not clued-up about how awesome I’ll need to look on a daily basis,

But that’s just clothes and accessories.

I have several other pockets of mayhem on the too-much-stuff front: Beauty products, books and work-related files. Grrr…just thinking about all that makes me want to poke my eyeballs out.

Instead, I think I’ll try to find something more pleasant to do. It’s a beautiful day, my family is happy and healthy, and if having too many things I love is my biggest problem, I need to count my blessings.