Remember my pledge to spike 9000+ emails by September 1? It didn’t work. Like at all. Sigh…

I desperately want an empty one of these.
I desperately want an empty one of these. ASAP. Now!

While I seriously, actively fret about the amount of beauty products I own (and purses, and books, and ancient fashion mags…), I never really thought of myself as an email hoarder.

Until this past weekend, when I tried to make good on my pledge to reduce my electronic inbox to 500 emails and barely made a dent.

I’m no math whiz (understatement of the century), but if I’m starting with close to 10k, and want to get to > 500, that means 9000+ need to be kicked to the virtual curb.

I promised – right here on this itty bitty blog – to do it by September 1. But then I blew it off, and went on my merry way. Until Friday afternoon, when I had a mini panic attack and started spiking, spiking, spiking.

But this is where it got weird: No matter how many I thought I’d zapped – hundreds and hundreds! – the total count didn’t really budge.

So then I got the brills idea to empty the trash.

Maybe, I thought, if I did that, the count would plummet. After all, I’d spent the better part of Friday afternoon and Saturday morning obliterating everything even remotely junk-y or spam-y in my path.

And still here we are, a few days later, and my inbox is reading: 9095.

Let’s run the numbers. When I first posted about this dilemma in August, I had 9760 emails. Since then, I’m sure another 200 snuck in through the back door. (I’m on a lot of mailing lists…)

So let’s amend that count to 9960. And now I’m at 9095. That means that even with alllllllll that weekend spiking, I still only zapped 905 emails.

Maybe because I sensed I was failing miserably at the clutter-busting goal I’d set for myself, I did some reading about managing your email inbox.

(When I wasn’t watching the U.S. Open, that is, and doing fun stuff with the Wee Lass like visiting Busch Gardens and Great Explorations Children’s Museum.)

In my next post, I’ll share the email hacks I gleaned in my sleuthing. Right now, I need to tackle my Tuesday To Do list.

But before I scoot off, let’s recap why reducing my inbox is so important to me. And why it might benefit you, and that mama over there, and all mamas everywhere:

According to the core tenets of feng shui, jam-packed inboxes – the virtual or actual, touchable kind – restrict the flow of communication.

I think we’d all agree that an open flow of communication is more ideal. Feel me?