Scary fried hippie hair – the before + after edition

I swear I deep-condition every week.
I swear I deep-condition every week.

My week hath runneth away from me already, so this blog post will be short and sweet.

But first allow me to publicly admit that I need fillers like nobody’s business. I look like I’m 90 in these “before” and “after” pics, and I’m actually several decades – several. decades. – younger than 90.

It’s officially time for me to get over my Fear of Needles and get on with the task of puffing up my face like a well-tended pumpkin.

Where is Fred Brandt when you really need him???

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Okay, back to the hair.

Faithful Momoverettes know that I’ve been cursed with god-awful, naturally frizzy hair. It’s really quite shocking how bad my air-dry texture is. Although any stylist on the planet can take a blowdryer and turn it into shiny glass in mere minutes, when it’s left to its own devices, it’s basically straw.

Or “tree bark,” as my long-time New York colorist liked to call it.

Sooooo….now that I live in the land of 1000 percent humidity, you can imagine how much I’m struggling with it.

Should I go beachy? And long? Like SJP?

Sarah Jessica Parker is just a few years younger than me (read: she’s no spring chicken), so the fact that she’s returned to her 90s-era Sex And The City feathery ringlets is giving me hope.

Still, that’s a choice that’s fraught with danger. While long, wild hair can sometimes make an, ahem, older broad seem youthful, it can just as easily have the opposite effect.

But since you never know when you’ve officially hopped the fence from groovy hippie chick to wizened old crone – and most people in polite society will never tell you when you’ve hopped the fence from groovy hippie chick to wizened old crone – you’re often left to your own devices on this all-important front.

So in the spirit of not having a clue, I went for a sizeable chop last week.

And here it is:








It looks a little better, right? A tad less fried?

Man, I need fillers. Project.