Success. Experience. Humor. (Love!)

Dolce Press card. So very purty.
Dolce Press word search card. Purty.

Yes, it’s February 17 but screw it – in the further recesses of my Mommy Barbie brain, I’m still thinking about Xmas and New Year’s.

My rationale for mentally clinging to hollies gone by is a three-parter.

Brace yourself, dear reader.

PART ONE: In which I publicly own up to unspeakably – shockingly! –  bad manners 

There’s just no way to sugarcoat this: I s-t-i-l-l haven’t written Thank You cards for the many beauteous gifts I received circa December. My personal record for latest-ever Xmas Thank Yous is July, so I figure I still have a little wiggle room. And besides, I never merely write a lame “Merci for the cadeau, Love Dana” missive; rather I endeavor to tell the gifter precisely and exactly how I’ve been using said prezzie in the shocking amount of time that has elaspsed since I received said prezzie.

But believe me, I know I’m kidding myself that a more detailed, nuanced, genuine Thank You trumps one sent in a timely manner. I am officially horrible.

PART TWO: In which I cop to not meditating a few days since January 1

Compared to the ghastly Thank You sitch above, I feel only a little bit bad about this. I really want to make daily meditation a habit, and I’ve absolutely made strides on that front. But I don’t think I’m quite at the point of mentally berating myself if I’ve missed two whole days out of the last six weeks. What’s important is that I get right back up on that horse again and ride, baby.

PART THREE: In which I celebrate a little gem found in my overstuffed InBox 

I’m sure most of you received – either electronically or via good-old fashioned snail mail (my delivery service of choice once I finally get around to penning my Thank Yous) – one of those super-groovy word-search holiday cards like the one pictured here.

Essentially, at least with the electronic version, you’re meant to seize upon the first three words your eyes go to. These three words – whatever they are – will then inform the rest of your year.

Happily, my three key words for 2014 are, in this order:




That just makes me really psyched. Cartwheel-psyched. I like all of that stuff. In fact, I l-o-v-e all of that stuff.

Okay, time to go meditate and write a few detailed, nuanced, genuine Thank Yous.