Summer: Not an excuse to eat everything that isn’t nailed down. (Just ask Nutrition Whisperer Amanda Foti.)

An expert in eating well. (And taking good head shots.)
An expert in eating well. (And taking good head shots.)

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I stepped away from the scale for a while, went on a bit of a food bender – et quelle surprise – I’ve packed on a few VERY unwanted pounds.

My timing? Not brilliant. Especially since some of the other mommies in my kid’s class are proposing beach get-togethers over the summer, so the tot-lettes (and tot-lets) can stay in touch.

Extreme effort is needed, stat. I’m doubling down on tennis and the Cougar Workout.

And in terms of food, I’ll be heeding the advice of New York-based licensed nutritionist Amanda Foti. A registered dietitian for Selvera (a personalized weight-management system that I haven’t tried but probably should), Amanda has a lot of initials in her title: M.S., R.D., C.D.N.

So I’m guessing she has oodles of intel for trimming down for my mommy-outing beach-reveal.

Not to be a Negative Nancy, but I asked Amanda for her Summer Diet Don’ts.

Et voila (désolee for all the Francais; Roland Garros is in full tilt over in Paris right now, and I am g-l-u-e-d to the telly. Thwack…)


1. DON’T skip meals

A different schedule easily allows us to forget to eat. Just as it’s important during the week to have three meals and two snacks to keep the metabolism and energy levels up, it’s important on the weekends too.

2. DON’T “save calories” during the day in anticipation of a party or meal out later on

Conserving calories during the day will not only slow your metabolism, it will also have you feeling fatigued and starving. This will likely lead to eating more than you would have if you weren’t so hungry. The calories you consume after depriving your body are going to be stored immediately as fat in your body. Pretty effective for human survival in times of starvation, not so effective for being beach-bod ready.

3. DON’T feel guilty about enjoying a treat every once in awhile

Being healthy doesn’t mean completely avoiding of all the “treat” foods you love. It means a balance between the good and the good for you. You can enjoy an ice cream cone or chips or even fries every once in a while, just keep it occasional, not habitual.

4. DON’T stop at fast-food joints on trips. Pack food with you!

Traveling is an easy excuse to eat foods we normally wouldn’t because we tell ourselves it’s “the only option.” Plan ahead! Pack snacks and foods that can travel with you so you can avoid the burger and pizza joints at every rest stop.

5. DON’T forget to drink water

Remembering to drink water is not always the first thing on your mind when you’re running around from activity to activity with your kids. But keeping a water bottle on you at all times should be a priority. It is the easiest way to keep energy levels up, boost metabolism, and ward off unnecessary food cravings.



I also asked Amanda for “disaster foods” that we poor, unsuspecting mommies might encounter at the waterpark or a picnic over the next few months. Yes, she just told us to ditch the guilt around an occasional Mister Softee shake. But what’s a serious no-no? Why? And what should we try to lunge at instead?

Here’s what she had to say:

“Although fantastic locations for family fun, the water parks, picnics and beach boardwalks can be a landmine of food choices. You’re sure to see a variety of burgers, fries, wraps, pizzas, hotdogs, candy, and soft drinks. You’re better off preparing and packing your own food for the day. If that’s out of the question, my suggestion is to grab something with protein. Stay away from the high-sugar, high-carb options like soft drinks, ice cream, funnel cakes, fries and chips. These all digest quickly and will have you feeling hungry shortly after, regardless of the calories you just consumed. If there’s a grilled chicken wrap option, split it with another family member and grab a bottle of water to go with it.”

Bikini or bust, babe. On y va!