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Bruises hurt in more ways than one

I'm a bruiser, and not the tough-guy kind...

Nationality-wise, I’m a bit of a mutt: Irish, German, American Indian. This hodgepodge heritage has resulted in a slightly schizophrenic complexion that tans like crazy, but is basically quite fair. And wildly, wildly bruise-prone; just look at me funny and out pops another ouchie.

Since we’re now firmly ensconced in summer, I’m not exactly loving the black and blue marks. Yes, I can be klutzy – hence the bagging on the concrete mid-run scenario. Actually, that just happened again two weeks ago. But this time I was on the boardwalk near my home, and wood is a little more forgiving than cement…

Outdoor sports aside, I find that even daily life can result in tiny body blows, which wind up on full display when you’re romping around in your slimsuit. For instance, I’ve been re-organizing my home office, and some minor shuffling of boxes and filing cabinets has resulted in a whopper bruise on my upper right thigh. Consequently, at the town pool yesterday, I was doing a little maneuvering to keep that bad boy under wraps.

But I need some type of real strategy to keep bruises at bay. A while ago, I received a big shipment of Bruise MD, which included Soothing Cream, Cooling Gel and Dietary Supplement tablets. Besides wondering how these people knew I was such a spazzy klutz, I was skeptical. Once the damage is done, can anything really help bruises go bye-bye more quickly?

According to the handy-dandy “Bruise Facts” on the company’s website, this is a matter many mamas want help with. In a survey of 330 women, “over 60 percent suffered 5 or more significant bruises per year.” Another factoid: “Up to 90 percent of women are interested in a way to heal bruises faster.” Okay, so it’s a common beauty bummer – we got that. What’s the fix?

Evidently, putting ourselves on the path to a speedier recovery requires arnica, a plant used in homeopathic remedies for pain relief that plays a starring role in Bruise MD’s topical creams and gels. The key ingredients in the Dietary Supplement tabs are bromelain and papain – or, in people-speak: pineapple and papaya enzymes, respectively. (Interestingly, both bromelain and papain are used as meat tenderizers…)

Personally, I’ve decided to try the cream and skip the tabs. But under no circumstances should a pregnant or nursing mama try any of the above without checking with her physician first. My other tactic – and this is key to virtually everything in life – is to just slow down, focus and “do what I’m doing.” That way, I figure I can avoid most of the things that go bump in the night — and day.