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Oooh, loving the “House Proud” moms on Nate

Grrrrr....why did this cutie's awesome show get canceled???

I think I’ve mentioned a few million times that I love The Nate Berkus Show to pieces? But that, even if I’m working from home, I feel too guilty sneaking off for an hour to watch it?

Well hallelujah, it’s Xmas break, and I can do whatever I damn well please. Besides, his show – soooooooooooo freaking sadly – won’t be with us after this season wraps, so I need to get my fix in before the jig is up. Or, rather, before his gig is up.

Anyway, I think this week is mostly re-runs, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised to encounter two segments of “House Proud.” I never knew about those, and I am so smitten with the over-the-top creativity and design smarts of the HP moms I’ve watched in the last 48 hours.

One was “Jen from Wisconsin,” a mother of three boys who has an adorable blog called I Heart Organizing, and who, not-so-shockingly, has a home that’s ordered to a fare thee well. Even the refrigerator is immaculately color-coded. I was hyperventilating when I saw all that, and I’m sure she could hear me clapping in applause all the way from Joisy. Yay Jen! I heart organizing too!

Today’s segment, on “Shaunna from Alabama” was crazy-inspiring, I’m sure in large part because I utterly love her décor taste. All that distressed white furniture was completely speaking to me. Her office is beyond, tricked-out with a stunning daybed she created by chopping up the doors of her childhood home! Shaunna has a gorge blog too, and I intend to spend much Q-time combing the archives.

That is, when I’m not watching DVRd episodes of Nate. Sniff sniff, sob sob. I mean, WTH? There are all these shitty shows, that aren’t cheerful and groovy and completely dedicated to living well on a dime, and no one drives a stake through their heart.

I know, I know; it’s a business. And young Mr. Berkus will surely thrive after he leaves our living rooms. But I still wish he could continue, for maybe just the next decade or so, bringing us his special brand of double-breasted cardigan joie de vivre and his super-creative House Proud mommies.