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Dr. Blum’s TV blitz: Dr. Oz + Fox 5 News

Susan Blum, uber-smarty-pants.

I don’t know about you, but my Friday the 13th was way more fun than freaky.

First I jumped rope (2003 jumps, yay!) while watching The Today Show, then I zipped into Gotham for a yummy, chatty lunch with my hyper-groomed friend Jenny, the one I’m always writing about, the one who could win Olympic gold for pulled-togetherness.

Après roasted Brussels sprouts, and as soon as l’addition was settled, I hightailed it back to the wilds of Joisy. But first I had to stop at the magazine store because I accidentally left my new Vanity Fair at the resty and felt the need to replace it instantaneously.

Crazy, right? I could have just as easily turned around and gone back to Blue Water Grill for my precious February VF, thus saving myself $5 or whatever. But I’m like a shark; I move forward or die. Plus, I also wanted to nab the new issues of Oprah, Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country. Magazine-junkie, thy name is Momover Lady.

Happily, I made it back to Casa Moi just in time to scamper up to our family room and click on Dr. Oz. I had already gotten the heads-up that my Mama Guru and go-to holistic mentor Susan Blum would be making her first appearance, and I didn’t want to miss a second of it.

It was such a great show. She was one of four “disease detectives” Dr. Oz feels are really upsetting the traditional medicine applecart in completely positive way. Specifically, she discussed the underlying causes of fatigue, and how she and her crack team treat the root causes in addition to the symptoms. (If you missed it, you can read Dr. Blum’s article about fatigue and functional medicine on the Dr. Oz website right here.)

Afterward, Dr. Blum also appeared on Fox 5 News. So of course I watched that too.

I took notes on both of these fatigue-centric telly segments – please, we all know what a wellness geek I am – and here are my 4 key learnings:

1. If you have thyroid issues, as I do, get your T3 level checked. Apparently, many traditional docs just hone in on the more-standard thyroid-function markers, namely TSH and T4. Dr. Blum calls T3 the “gas” hormone, aka the one that revs us up. So know your number.

2. Yes, vitamins are important. But if you’re tired all the time, minerals are even more crucial. Dr. Blum’s big three are zinc, selenium and iodine. Previously, I’ve blogged about Dr. Blum’s easy ways to get iodine into your diet. Please read that before gulping down a handful of iodine pills.

3. Food is medicine. We hear this so much lately – and I have to say I think Dr. Oz is doing this country a huge public service with all his chatter about about eating well – but do we really know it? According to Dr. Blum, not only do we need to determine our own unique nutritional deficiencies, we all need to steer of certain items that are universally horrible. Enemy Numero Uno? Sugar.

4. When it comes to de-stressing, knitting is great. I turned a massive cartwheel when I heard Dr. Blum say that on Fox 5 News. J’adore knitting, even though I’ve only recently re-discovered it and am firmly stuck in scarf-mode. Essentially what Dr. Blum was saying is that stress-relief is incredibly important to our health. Meditation is a great method for that, obvi, which is why her Blum Center for Health offers lots of how-to classes. (I took one and loved it.) But don’t discount other de-stressers and mood-improvers, be it “knitting, painting or going for a walk in the park.” Loved that. Loooooved that.


Health paranoia: There are lots of ways of getting iodine

Sea-worthy: Kelp and ocean fish are excellent sources of iodine

Last weekend, on our way to an early-bird Saturday night dinner, Hubby and I popped into a health food store in the West Village. “Maybe we should stock up on iodine pills,” he said, scanning the shelves, “before they’re sold out.”


Though I’m generally a big ol’ fraidy cat about natural disasters, terrrorism and crashes of all stripes – and a biopsy can send me cowering under the blankies for days – for some reason I haven’t really glommed-on to the universal fear du jour: radiation wafting over to the States from Japan.

But since lots of other mommies are understandably freaked, I wanted to share some insights from health smarty-pants (and Mama Guru) Susan Blum.

Dr. Blum’s stance is that, for lots of people, iodine tablets are fine – with one BIG caveat: If you have thyroid issues (as I do, sadly), ramped-up iodine via pills can spell trouble.

“In these cases, and also in some normal-thyroid people, the high dose of iodine can actually cause your thyroid to become worse,” she says. “For this reason, it is important to make the decision [to take iodine supplements] based on your personal health history.”

A safe alternative, per Dr. Blum, is to boost your iodine levels through foods, including:

·     sea vegetables such as dulse, kelp, nori and haziki
·     seafood including ocean fish and shellfish

And the good doc is so keen on us mamas going the natural route, she even had Marti Wolfson, the in-house chef for the Blum Center for Health, whip up an easy-peasy, sea-vegetable condiment recipe for you:

Dulse and Sesame Seeds

1 cup dulse
1 cup sesame seeds

Toast the dulse until it turns purplish and crispy and let cool. With a mortar and pestal or in a food processor, combine sesame seeds and dulse until coarse mixture. Sprinkle as a condiment in soups, salads, sandwiches and cooked vegetables.