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I’m a little obsessed with Vanessa Paradis’s arms

Chiseled, right? See what I'm yammering about?

Many, many years ago, I was assigned a story for W about an upcoming Chanel perfume commercial, which was being directed by the legendary French artist Jean-Paul Goude. The very young and impossibly gorgeous Vanessa Paradis was starring in the spot, and I was to visit the Union Square set, absorb the vibe, chat up the ultra-charming Goude, and hightail it back to the office.

I arrive, and Paradis is literally swinging in a massive, human-scale bird-cage. (Here’s a rickety old YouTube link to the commercial, it’s pretty major.) Though she’s up in the air, I can see from a distance how ravishing she is, and exactly why Chanel cast her as the “face” of its Coco scent.

Later, on a break from filming, I talk with her a bit. And I am seized by a level of jealousy I have not felt before this encounter, nor since. I’d been around so many of the glamazons of the day – Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, etc – but none of them pierced my self-confidence bubble quite the way Paradis did.

Thus it was hardly a surprise to me when I read that Johnny Depp fell in love with Paradis the second he laid eyes on her. They had two kids and lived a semi-secluded, deeply glam life – homes in France and LA, their own private cluster of islands – mostly away from prying eyes.

So much for the away from prying eyes bit; this week’s People informs us that the gorge couple is now leading “‘sad’ separate lives.'”

It’s not a happy tale, as you can imagine. And while I certainly wish Paradis well, I couldn’t help but feel that little jealousy-pang boomerang right back when I cracked open my issue of the mag.

Her entire upper body – arms, shoulders, chest – looks like it’s carved from a block of Carrara marble. I had no idea she was in such great shape. I want to know her workout secrets, and I can’t find them anywhere.