Today’s topic: The magic of self-discipline

Gigi and Yo = awww...
Gigi and Yolanda having a chat.

Which of you lovely ladies will cop to still being a die-hard Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-watcher, like moi?

Before I get rolling with the self-discipline theme of today’s post, I first have to give a special shout-out to my mommy-pal Mimi, who literally accosted Gigi Hadid in the street to welcome her to New York!

I love that level of fan-dom, and I am so with Mimi on that. In my circa-2010 last stint at W, we were all a little RHONY and RHONJ obsessed, so I got to concoct excuses to blog incessantly about all those broads.

Dina!!! Dana actually got to meet Dina!!!

Okay, onward to to the topic at hand: Self-discipline, and all the extreme awesomeness it confers.

Which brings me to the picture above.

If you saw that particular ep of RHOBH, you know that it’s the one in which Gigi has a Guess shoot in the desert, and her former-model-mommy Yolanda Foster shows up on set to chaperone – and give a pep talk about how the sacrifices Gigi is making for her burgeoning career are 1000 percent worth it.

I’m paraphrasing, but at some point in this heart-warming chit-chat, Yo says:

“It’s really hard to exercise six days a week. It’s really hard to avoid sugar.”

Amen, sister.

The desert tete-a-tete between Gigi and Yo was picked up again as part of a special “beauty secrets” clips package on Part 2 of the RHOBH reunion, and the Yolanda lead-in showed her inhaling the essence of – but not actually eating – fresh-baked bread at her ex-husband Mohammed’s house.

As I watched her sniffing away, I thought: Does that work? Because if it does, IT. IS. GENIUS.

There were other good takeaways from the clips package, like Kim’s obsession with green juices, and how hanging upside down, trapeze-style, is really good for your circulation. But it’s really Yolanda’s pep talk that’s permanently seared into my brain.

And I can’t help but think the fact that she’s Dutch might have something to do with her stick-to-it-tive-ness…

Currently I’m toggling between about 10 different books, and one I’m really loving is Forever Chic: French Women’s Secrets for Timeless Beauty, Style and Substance by Tish Jett.

I don’t want to put too fine a point on it, but when it comes to taking care of themselves, French women don’t eff around. According to Jett, they stick to their beauty routines come hell or high water, and they rarely over-indulge.

And when you think of it, isn’t that the best plan of attack?

Rather than saying to yourself: “To hell with it. I’m on vacay, so I’ll eat whatever I want and then deal with it when I get back home,” why not just nibble?

Or practice a system of checks and balances, à la, “I had pancakes for breakfast, so no dessert for dinner.”

I’m just thinking out loud here…mostly because I just went on vacation and completely lived it up on the food-and-drink front.

So now I have some damage to undo, and a pair of running shoes just waiting to be laced on. I’ll be channeling all those self-disciplined Dutch and French mamas as I plod along.