About Me

Me, minus sufficient concealer.

Blogging is not my day job, but rather a fun little activity I wedge in between a lot of other stuff, including my work as a professional writer. Having said that, I love blogging and have been doing it for a verrrrry long time.

I actually now have another blog – FloridaBeautyProblems – so it’s pretty clear I’m totally down with communicating via the World Wide Interweb.

Writing cred:

I’m a magazine editor; 3-time Beauty Director (W, Cookie, BRIDES); author (there’s an actual book version of Momover); copywriter

Other career stuff:

I have an online portfolio – danawoodwriter – where you can see published clips, my CV, and a second blog exclusively centered on work. I like work. I totally whinge like a mo-fo when there’s too much of it in my life, but in general, I’m quite the worker bee.

Momover started in 2006 as: 

An “online column” on Cookiemag.com, the formerly kickass website of the formerly kickass Cookie magazine. I’d just had my first and only tot-lette at age 43 (!), and it detailed my path back to kinda, sorta feeling like myself again. Written from my vantage point as Beauty Director, it was also adventurous. (As in electro-shock tightening treatments on my post-partum belly adventurous…)

What I want Momover to be circa 2017: 

Useful + Fun. This is a self-improvement blog.

the fine Print: disclaimer / how to get in touch: 

I get a lot of free stuff – especially beauty products. In the past, I wasn’t always vigilant about flagging that in blog posts. Not because I was trying to pull the wool over any mama’s eyes, but because I never really think about it; I’ve written about beauty for literally decades and freebies-for-review is part of the job description. Still, moving forward, I’ll note when I’m blogging about a product I didn’t pay for with own dough. (That does happen, btw. I’m beauty-obsessed.) If you’d like to email me, it’s DanaWood@Momover.net.

Semi-personal deets:

After several decades in New York, I now live on the Gulf Coast of Florida with Hubby, the Wee Lass and Thunder + Lightning (our unspeakably gorge Maine Coon rescue cats). If you also live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, you will know that having unspeakably gorge Maine Coon rescue cats by the name of Thunder + Lightning feels a little jinx-y.

Xoxo times a billion,


Now: Wee Lass
Then: Diapered Darling