Beauty Armoire Monday: Dueling makeup trunks

Mine don't look like this. Sniff sniff, sob sob.

Oops, it’s Tuesday already. I started this post last night, when it was still technically Beauty Armoire Monday, but I was falling asleep over my keypad. I kicked-off my new work schedule this week (Monday thru Wednesday in Gotham, the rest of the week Chez Momover Lady), and I’ve haven’t quite adjusted to the ramped-up pace.

Which brings us, conveniently, to my subject matter.

Knowing I needed to get beyond-organized, I went on a tear over the weekend, attacking the Sephora-level amount of war paint in my bathroom and arranging it in such a way that it’s – gasp – actually functional. And – double gasp – pleasant to use rather than slit-your-wrists frustrating.

I have to know exactly where all my maquillage is, because I’ll have approximately five seconds to cake it all on.

Sooo…I already had one small, three-tiered trunk in play for a while. And while it started out fairly tidy – divided by eyes, lips and face – it had eventually gotten topsy turvy, with a lot of dead wood that needed weeding out. Cobalt-blue eyeshadows I never wear, mascaras past their sell-by date, pencils with the tops broken off.

To up the organization ante, I brought in another small trunk – one without tiers, which I’m assuming is for bottles that need to stay upright. I decided to designate that one solely for complexion items – foundation, tinted moisturizer and concealer. Nothing else. Not even blush and bronzing powder, which are just six degrees of separation from complexion. I wanted to be a purist.

Not to mention a geek of the highest order. At least I can admit that about myself. This is the type of stuff that floats my boat; makeup so hyper-organized that complexion gets its very own trunk.

It’s not that I wear a lot of foundation. I can’t remember the last time I used a liquid formula, for instance. I’m pretty sure it was custom-blended Prescriptives, which is basically out of business. so that should tell you how long ago it was. Wait, now I’m confused – I just visited the Prescriptives website, and it says they’re “refreshing” the line for 2011, so who knows what’s up with that once-fabulous brand.

I’ve blogged many times about my abiding love for Bobbi Brown stick foundation. That’s my desert-island must-have.

But here are the complexion items in heavy rotation:

1. Philosophy Hope In a Tinted Moisturizer

2. CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation

3. Murad Skin Perfecting Primer | Dewy Finish

4. Yves Saint Laurent Touch Éclat

5. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

6. Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette

7. L’Oreal Paris Feel Naturale Light-Softening One-Step Makeup

OMG, that’s a lot of spackle. But I said “heavy rotation,” which means I rotate. And speaking of which, I need to go rotate right now and get out the door in a timely manner.

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