Beauty Armoire Monday: It’s never too 2014 to hop on the face oil bandwagon, amiright?

Delicious. (Not literally.) Effective. (Literally.)
Delicious. (Not literally.) Effective. (Literally.)

I love a good success story, and here’s an excellent one: After a storied career as the kickass Beauty Director of British Vogue (one of my all-time fave mags, ev. er.), Kathy Phillips went on to launch a wellness line that totally, completely rocks.

You know it, yes? It’s called this works and it does. Utterly.

The first this works product I fell for is the deep sleep bath oil. I started it using it right after I had the Wee Lass, and was sleeping very, very, very badly.

(Which was kinda nuts, considering we had a live-in baby nurse and I wasn’t breastfeeding. But let’s not get all judgy, kay? About the baby nurse or the not breastfeeding?)

So smitten was I with this magical bath elixir, that I marched into the office – I was a Beauty Director myself at the time, of Cookie¬†(RIP chic, smart, ahead-of-its-time Cookie magazine) – and pitched a story I called “Liquid Xanax.”

Get it? Bath brews that knock your lights out? Like this works deep sleep?

Anyhoo, flash forward a decade and I’m newly intoxicated with another deep works winner – active oil for the face.

Wait a sec – I just tried to link to it and can’t. Do I have some bootleg edition? A preview sample?

I just did World Wide Interweb recon, and according to a fellow skincare junkie on Amazon, the version I’m using (and have included a pic of here) has been updated and is now called no wrinkles active oil.

To quote this Amazon reviewer:

“I’ve [used] this before when it was just known as Active Oil. It seems to have the same ingredients, smells the same and works on my skin exactly the same way. Although I’ve only been using this one for a few days now I’m already really impressed. I have dry skin and even the most ‘hydrating’ of moisturisers doesn’t feed my skin throughout the whole day like this product does. I can use it alone and my face would still feel smooth and un-tight all day. It absorbs very quickly and doesn’t clog pores or cause any breakout. I’d recommend it if like me you have dry, tight skin and you want to give it a real thirst quencher. I will definitely continue to use this for some years.”

You know, I have to say that this is one of the pitfalls of being a skincare hoarder; because I have so much loot in my Beauty Armoire, sometimes by the time I get around to using something, it’s already been re-jiggered. Or, worse, discontinued. In other words, I often become besotted with something that I can no longer get my mitts on.

But I won’t fret about this oil situation. Why? Because you heard that Amazonian – the “replacement” oil is every bit as delicious and effective as the original.

When I run out of the old guy, I’ll simply take up with the new guy. Easy peasy.

So why, out of all the many, many face oils I’ve brought home from the office and never tried – and the fact that the “face oil thing” is already a few years old – did I finally take the plunge with this one?

Well, because I trust that Kathy Phillips will do one of her best-of-breed numbers on anything she creates, face oil included.

Here’s what I love about it:

1. The scent. Have you met me? I’m a sucker for aromatherapy. What’s kind of surprising is that there are buckets of tuberose in this face oil and I still like it. That’s a switch for me; typically I run in the other direction from tuberose. From white flowers in general, if truth be told.

2. The consistency. I dot in on before bed and it sinks right in and pulls a total disappearing act.

3. The way my face looks and feels the morning after. And how might that be? Super-soft and smooth, that’s how. That’s pretty much what you want from a night-time beauty treatment, no?


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