Beauty Armoire Monday: Let’s all help the bees, please

These heavenly scented babies are on my To Do list.
These heavenly scented babies are my new morning-shower pals.

Happy Spring, my lovelies!

Before we dive into Important Beauty Matters, let’s all give a huge round of applause to my favorite Girl Tennis Player – Vika Azarenka – for winning Indian Wells yesterday! YAY VIKA!

Okay, back to business…

I sooooo want to dive into spring cleaning, but work matters are keeping me Swiffer-deprived at the moment. Every time I say to myself: “Next week, my skedge should clear up, and I’ll be able to dive into X, Y, Z cleaning + organizing project,” it never, ever happens. I mean, I’m grateful for all the work, but I also want to turn my house on its tush and clean, clean, clean, org, org, org.

Hey Momover Lady! What does any of this have to do with helping the bees? I thought you wanted to do that!

Glad you asked! I’m trying to connect a few very loose dots between the first day of Spring (btw, I don’t care if you’re not supposed to capitalize Spring or any of the other seasons; I’m doing it anyway), Earth Day (which is imminent), Beauty Armoire Monday (my traditional feature for publicly lusting over new prods and old faves) and animal kindness / plight of endangered species (mon numéro un raison d’être).

Enter BeeKind, the impossibly lovely bath + body range by Gilchrist & Soames.

Because I have…ahem…tricky tresses (read: my locks are naturally coarse, but can be tamed in five seconds flat by any even the most blowout-challenged hairstylist), I try approximately eight gazillion shampoos and conditioners on a regular basis.

The BeeKind are a recent add to my stash, and I must give them the thumbs up for:

1. The luscious scent. A great fragrance is pretty much everything in shampoo and conditioner, non? Okay, okay, results are important too. But to me, a fantastic scent is über key, ergo = everything.

2. The stripped-down, cruelty-free ingredient list devoid of parabens and phthalates. If you can avoid these dastardly chemicals, DO. IT.

3. The do-gooding, by earmarking a portion of the proceeds of these delish products to honey bee conservation.

I blame #ClimateChange for the sad honey bee sitch. This world is, quite literally, a hot mess. And if we can do our part by using an impossibly lovely bath + body prods, that sounds to me like a serious win-win.

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