Beauty Armoire Monday: Not seeing age spots

So cute I could just gnaw on them...

Day four of Road Trip 2011: Heartland America. We’re in gorge downtown Chicago as I try to peck this blog post out on Hubby’s eensy weensy Mac Air. Jiminy Christmas, it’s like a Polly Pockets version of a laptop.

So please forgive me if I start writing like this jadfhaifhiauhfeiourhaieuhjhvbufg all of a sudden.

Anyway, here’s what’s going super-duper well on this cross-country trek so far: my beauty regimen. Just goes to show you that the only thing standing between me and amazing skin is a solid hour bookending my day for my elaborate morning and evening toilettes, as the French say.

Basically I’ve been doing everything Dr. Brandt told me to do a month ago, including deploying as much of the Refissa as my complexion can take, and then using some of his really excellent whitening products to dislodge stubborn brown spots and other bits of sun damage.

So before breakie and beddy bye, I’ve been loading up on his Light Years Away Whitening Essence layered under Light Years Away Whitening Cream. The latter is in such a schmancy giant Lucite-y jar that the ONLY way I could drag it on vacay is if we were traveling via Lexus SUV, which we are. (Road trips are so, so, so brills if you’re prone to overpacking, as I am.)

Hubby is getting antsy to reclaim his miniature computer, so I have to sign off now. But not before saying how GREATLY improved my mug is looking, even after this relatively short stint of hardcore beauty TLC.

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