Beauty Armoire Monday: Swoon-worthy Tom Ford

As sleek and roomy as a 100-foot yacht.

An early Xmas prezzie arrived in the form of some truly stunning Tom Ford makeup and one of his gorgeous artisanal scents, Jasmin Rouge.

That Ford has crafted impeccable, covetable beauty products isn’t brandy new news; in-the-know types have been swooning over his richly pigmented, grown-up lipsticks since the 2010 launch. And the full range of maquillage, as well as a tightly edited collection of skincare items, made a rather splashy debut at Bergdorf Goodman last month – helped in massive part by a personal appearance by the dashing designer himself.

Happily, I’d been thinking it might be time to step away from the girlish glosses – at least occasionally – and embrace full-on lipstick again. Ford’s super-hydrating numbers feel great, with a texture that isn’t madame in the slightest.

And clearly I’ve been watching too much RHOBH, because I immediately thought of Kyle Richards when I clicked open the Eye Color Quad in Silvered Topaz.

But here’s what I didn’t expect to happen: To get so taken with the line that I would spend quite a bit of Q-time on the Bergs website, as well as Ford’s company site, learning more about it.

I’m in love with this earnest video, in which Ford discusses his beauty philosophy. It’s a message of glamour and polish and putting your best foot forward, all of which I heartily applaud. He and I are the same age, so a lot of his cultural touchstones – that hyper-glossy, Studio 54-era makeup and windblown hair – are mine as well. I was weaned on late-Seventies Vogue and Bazaar, and all those glamazons. And right now, as I type this post, I can see not one but two copies of Scavullo On Beauty in my office bookcase. (Hard cover and paper, natch.)

If I have two copies of Scavullo’s seminal book, I’m sure Tom has ten. Thank you, Mr. Ford, for bringing all that glamour and luxury back – in spades.

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