Deuce Box: Hubby Recently Served Up Some Great Tips, Which I Will Now Kindly Share With My Fellow Newbies

Chez Momover Lady, tennis is a famille affair.

TGIS, my lovelies!!!

I hope we all have bitchin’ weekends planned.

Although I’d intended to spend a good chunk of my Saturday and Sunday welded to the couch watching the Rome Open 2016, Rafa’s loss to Novak in yesterday’s match took the wind out of my proverbial sails.

I know I need to get braver about watching Rafa lose, but it just isn’t happening yet…

Okay, on to winning! Or at least improving!

As Hubby merrily trots out the door for his weekly guys’ sesh at the Club, I was reminded of our recent hitting outing.

He gave me two unfussy, easyish-to-execute tips that I will in turn share with you:

TIP 1: At the Top of Your Serve, Make Damn Sure Your Racquet Isn’t Tipped Backward

I’ve mentioned earlier that I’m deploying a serve my tennis coach calls the “backscratcher.” This is a big departure from a traditional serve in that there is no windup whatsoever. I just get into all sorts o’ trouble with a windup; I don’t know if it’s an attention-span thing, or a total-spaz thing, but it ain’t good.

But the backscratcher, which entails merely holding the racquet upside down over your shoulder blade and then bringing it upright to meet your ball toss, really works for me because it’s a much quicker motion.

Although the backscratcher is a far less complicated gesture, it still needs to be executed well. And as Hubby watched me the other morning, he noticed that as I was bringing my racquet up to meet my ball toss, I was allowing the face to tip backward.

It was only an angle of maybe 20 or 25 degrees, but it was still too much. I have a weak serve to begin with; the last thing I need is to further compromise my power by not connecting with the ball at the right time.

Hubby’s quick fix? He had me focus on two things:

A) Tossing the ball just a teensy weensy bit in front of me rather straight up or a backward a few degrees.

B) Meeting that toss with a racquet that’s also tilted forward a smidge.

That generated an immediate increase in power.

Of course it’s all relative; I still serve like a wuss. But there’s Überly Wussy and Minorly Wussy, and I’m now – happily – in the latter camp.

TIP 2: N-E-V-E-R Take Your Eye Off the Ball 

Even if it’s winging its way toward you at warp speed, and you’re about to pee your tennis skirt because you’re so scared, suck it up, be brave and look as your racquet (hopefully) makes contact in return.

“If you watch YouTube videos of Roger Federer,” says Hubby, “even if the ball’s coming at him at 130 miles an hour, he never takes his eye off it.”

So until I get back out on the court again, that’s my homework assignment: Tracking down those vids of jolly Rog doing his eyeball action. I so want to see that unfold on YouTube. And maybe I’ll try to watch him at the Rome Open, too. Unlike my beloved Rafa (sob), I’m pretty sure Rog is still in the tourney.