Happiness: The ShelfGenie guy is coming in the morning to measure the kitchen cabinets

Getting organized, slowly but surely.
Getting organized, slowly but surely.

Ever since I started paying attention to new moons, which are a très excellente time to put new plans in place, I feel like I get a fresh start every month.

Which is pretty awesome, non? Knowing you don’t have to wait around for the “biggies” – New Year’s and your birthday – to turn your little ol’ life on its ear?

Even though – hello! – I’ve actually stuck like glue to my New Year’s resolution.

Yes, I’ve medivisualized™ every day of 2015 except one. 

I feel pretty stoked about that, as a bad actor in an equally bad surfing movie might say.

But back to the new moon, and what this might have to do with the ShelfGenie guy coming to Casa Moi in the a.m. to measure my lower kitchen cabinets.

In a nutshell, my April horoscope (I’m a Scorpio, hisssss….) tells me that this past weekend’s new moon was a stellar time to start putting the hyper-organizing wheels in motion.

To pare down, clean up, put some systems in place.

Soooo…I booked a consultation with ShelfGenie for kitchen help.

And next week, my Closet Whisperer, who tricked-out seven spaces for us last summer, is coming back to help me turn our garage into a thing of sheer beauty.

But back to the kitchen, and Project ShelfGenie…

Now that I’m cooking for the first time in my life, I want it to go as seamlessly as possible.

Translation: I don’t want to have to lift up this and that, rearrange my entire surroundings, and turn myself into a bloody contortionist just to get at the one pot, pan or gadget I need to make one of my epic masterpieces.

And right now, that’s what I’m doing.

I have lots of cabinets, but they’re deep and cavernous.

Which is why I want the rolling, slide-y tray configurations that ShelfGenie can help me with.

(Wait – I just ended that last sentence with a preposition. Someone call the writing police.)

Okay, it’s the end of a long Monday and I have to put the Wee Lass to bed.

Night-night, my lovelies.

To be continued…