Home is where the P90X is. Ouch. Cue heating pad.

Remember these things? So scary.

Never let it be said that I don’t give life my all. My 100 percent. My “A” game.

Because I so totally do.

In the past 72 hours, ever since we got back from the best trip ever, I’ve been a veritable beehive of activity.

And today’s Scorpio horoscope in The New York Post pretty much sums up my mindset: “You will know with the utmost clarity today what it is that needs to be done – after which it is simply a case of applying yourself. There will never be a better time to get your act together, so get to it!”

Helloooo??? Like I haven’t already been doing that????

Yesterday, like the glutton for punishment I am, I kicked off a second round of P90X. Grrr. I am so sore right now. My back is killing me. And I guess I got fairly out of shape in between Phase One and Phase Two, because during the first session, I was revisited by that gnarly sensation of wanting to hurl. But at least I know now that the nausea is only temporary, and will dissipate as soon as I get my sea legs again.

Tomorrow I’m slated to visit Dr. Brandt for the big face reno I’ve been yakking about, so either I get up at the crack o’ dawn and work out before zipping off to Gotham or I take a pass until Thursday. I think it’s “contra-indicated,” as they say in medical-ese, to jump around like a maniac and bust a bunch of fitness moves when you’ve just had your mug shot with Botox or Restylane or what have you.

But given how nervous I am about my appointment – somehow, miraculously, I am the world’s only late-40s beauty editor who has never had Botox or any type of injectible fillers – maybe I should exercise before I go. What would really calm me down is running. But as I’ve said repeatedly, if I want to move the needle on my bod, lacing up the Nikes day after day ain’t gonna cut it.

Okay, time to put the Wee Lass to bed so she’s bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for day camp in the morning. Over and out.

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