Hot-Mama Appreciation: Gwyneth Paltrow

GP channeling my other beauty idol, Carolyn Bessette.

Welcome back to the post-Labor Day grind, my lovelies.

Thankfully there was no rain to speak of in Gotham this weekend, so I got to watch so much of the U.S. Open on the telly that I’m actually quite surprised my head didn’t explode. And when I wasn’t watching, I was reading that kitschy klassic Learn Tennis In a Weekend book I told you about.

Now I’m rush, rush, rushing to finish my chores so I can catch of a few of today’s matches, which start in a scant 2.5 hours. I think I’m addicted.

Which leads me, in my typically meandering posting style, to a new feature I’m inaugurating on Momover: Hot-Mama Appreciation. And who better to kick off this grooviness than the major babe who pulls a new talent or expertise out of her magic hat on a daily basis?

I swear on a stack of holy bibles that I hadn’t seen the terrific cover story in September Elle when I posted last week about craving ciggies, even though I lost my own 3-packs-a-day parents to smoking-related causes. But when I read that Gwyneth lights up occasionally, despite the fact that her own papa died of lung cancer, it made me love her even more.

If you’re a Gwynnie-basher, you might want to stop reading right about now.

Still with me? Fantastic. Because I will now put aside my gargantuan envy of this gorge creature to tell you what I find so, so, so inspirational about her:

1. She’s always learning something. Like playing the guitar, which is so frigging hard. And intimidating, one suspects, when you have a world-class rock star perched across the breakfast table every morning.

2. She busts her ass. Literally. To all those who bitch and moan about the fact that GP has the dough to keep Tracy Anderson on speed-dial, I say, “Yeah, but she still has to show up and do it.” That ain’t no walk in the park. And besides, you can always order one of Anderson’s great DVDs and bond with the tiny powerhouse in your very own living room.

3. She speaks Spanish to her kids. Again: Hard. Again: Takes effort. I don’t know what the stats are, but I don’t think many Americans have mastered a second language. I certainly haven’t; I just took a French proficiency exam on, and my score was a paltry 74. And this is after years of French classes and private lessons at Berlitz. You know Gwynnie would never stand for a 74. Project!

4. She’s hilarious. And for that alone, I would nominate her for Momover’s First-Ever Hot-Mama Appreciation Award. I ask you: What’s more beautiful and engaging than laughing your head off and genuinely enjoying yourself and your tots? Nothing in the universe, that’s what.

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