Hot-Mama Appreciation: Rachel Zoe

Rachy Rach and Baby Skyler. Clock the chic blankie!

“Tell me again why you watch this?” queried Hubby, plopping down on the couch next to Yours Truly.

“Because she’s the real deal in a sea of imitators?” I shot back. “Because she has a stellar work ethic? Because she makes me LMAO?”

We don’t usually upspeak like gum-chomping Valley gals in Momover Central, but for some reason we were the other night, as I plowed through about five eps of The Rachel Zoe Project jamming our DVR queue.

“But wait – is she a cougar?” Hubby asked, spotting Rodg onscreen next to Rach.

“They’ve been married for like 20 years, you scary age-ist,” I said, rushing to Rach’s defense. “And for the record, I think he’s actually older than she is. Not that it matters, meanie.”

Of course straight guys don’t get why a good chunk of the world is gaga over Rachel Zoe, but I most certainly do. To them, she’s just a tightly wound whirling dervish, mincing through her very rarefied world in what I like to call “ER” footwear. (Case in point: The new broad on RHOBH, who’s on crutches because she fell literally off her shoes. Straight guys don’t fall off their shoes.)

Remember when Rodg had to make it his life’s mission to get Rachel to wrap her mind around having a baby? I was a nervous wreck, chewing my nails down to bloody stumps (just jiving – I’m not even a biter) fretting that she might let motherhood pass her by. The clock was ticking, and I was freaking, watching the wheels turn as she calculated just how very, very much a tot would turn her amazing life on its ass.

Aaaah, but then she took the plunge.

Et voila, a so-cute-you-could-just-squish-him Mini Rodg.

Okay, so new-mommyhood makes me love Rach even more than I did in Seasons, 1,2 & 3. And because I know you’re on pins and needles waiting to hear the other reasons, I shan’t keep you in suspense any longer.

1. She’s a perfectionist to the ├╝ber-nth degree. This is not a woman who phones it in. EVER. When she commits, she gives it her all.

2. She never stops being excited by fashion. We should all love our work so much. Actually, I do. Yay!

3. She paid her dues. Life wasn’t always 7,000 square-foot pads and Marc Jacobs on speed-dial.

4. She’s a really loving wife to Rodger. I think she could let him off his leash a bit more, but you can tell how devoted she is to him. And vice versa. That bambino is one lucky tyke to grow up surrounded by so much love. Awwww.

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