I want the mama-sized version of these bumper-pad pants

These little munchkins are ready for any and all crash landings.

Jesus. Between shoving furniture up and down staircases during the big home-office re-org, and thwacking myself hard on the shins with my trusty tennis racket, my legs are a total disaster.

Sure, it’s finally looking good here in Momover Central. And my backhand has improved. Yay! But I’m black and blue from hip to toe and I hate, hate, hate that.

If only I had some grown-up Crawlers, the genius-y bumper-pad pants created by one Kristi Clark.

Kristi’s a friend of a friend, and I don’t know her that well. But she fled the hustle bustle and grime-y grit of NYC after 15 long years – to the loveliness of Hermosa Beach – so that in and of itself is applause-worthy. “I enjoy the slower pace and the sunshine,” she told me recently. Consider me officially jealous.

But back to those pants, because the backstory is so adorable.

As it turns out, Kristi’s Oregon-based mommy – Kay – is a kick-ass sewing machine. Well, not an actual sewing machine – a Sewing Machine. So when Kristi, after watching her many nieces and nephews take tumbles and spills all over the place, decided to press Mom into service for some bumper-pad pants prototypes, Mom obliged.

“She learned to sew from my grandmother,” says Kristi, “and is old-school and extremely meticulous. She was always doing creative projects when I was growing up – Halloween costumes, prom dresses.”

Prom dresses??? If you trust your mother enough to make the frock you’ll be wearing on the biggest night of your life, she’s right up there with Miuccia Prada.

Understandably, Kristi’s had some trust issues moving her Crawlers base of operations from Mom’s cozy sewing lair in Eugene to the big, bad world. But she had to, because her super-cute line (which also includes amazing dresses hand-stitched by You Know Who) is growing really fast.

In addition to her online business, Kristi just landed her first retail account, Magpie in Manhattan Beach. Oooh, how circle-of-life is that? Girl flees Manhattan, and winds up selling her cheerful and practical bumper-pad pants to one of the hippest shops in Manhattan Beach. Fairytale-esque, I’m thinking.

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