If You’re Paranoid About Using Over-Ripe Fruit In Your Smoothies, Fear Not

Fruit in blender

Sometimes I feel truly sorry for my stomach because she never knows what’s about to be shoveled inside of her, smoothie-wise.

Seriously. When I’m in proximity to my blender, pretty much anything that isn’t nailed down can be tossed in there and pulverized.

Still, I have a short list of Go Tos, staples that typically make it into my Smoothie du Jour:

Lately I’ve been wondering (read: worrying) about my propensity for using¬†waaaaaay over-ripe fruit in my smoothies. That can’t be good for my belly, right?

Let me find out and get back to you…

Okay, here’s the scoop:

According to Starre “Eco-Chick” Vartan, using on-the-bubble fruit is totes okay for not only smoothies, but other stuff like cobbler and something she calls “Refrigerator Jam.”

This piece from the TODAY Show website also gives extremely dodgy fruit the thumbs up for smoothies, and this one includes 11 (!) recipes. I’ve never used one smoothie recipe, let alone 11. But hey, why not? I’m spending all this time learning how to cook dinner for the first time in my frigging life, why shouldn’t breakfast get a little love?

One word of caution about overripe fruit, though: Just be sure to cut off the really bad parts. Ugly is one thing, gnarly is another.

As for the collagen powder I routinely toss in my smoothies, I’m doing that with the hope that I can tighten + soften my mug while get my daily dose of protein + fruit.


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