I’m Harvest Festival-ing again this year

I'll be manning the crafts tables. Purty!

It sort of snuck up on me and bit me in the bum, but the annual Harvest Festival fundraiser for the Wee Lass’s school is taking place THIS WEEKEND. As in six days from now.

As in:

Sunday, 10 | 16, from 11 to 4

It’s held in the “Market Oval” in front of the Newport campus of the school, but is really sort of everywhere – in the classrooms, the gym, the school yard. You need a lot of room for two Bouncy Castles and approximately 8 million hot dogs.

Last year, I killed it at the tie-dye table. And I could be there again this year. All I know right this second is that I’m definitely on the Crafts team. Which could mean Spin Art, or jewelry-making, or pumpkin-painting, or lord knows what kind of super-creative gew gaws.

But if I do get assigned to tie-dye again, I’ll just try to push it out of my memory that I worked so hard on so many groovy psychedelic T-shirts, purses and socks last year that I felt like an arthritic 90-year-old lady with a lovely hand-knit shawl wrapped around her bony body. I was ouching for a good cause.

And it truly is a good cause. Such a great school. And such a fun festival.

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