I’m Loving the “Who What Wear” Line @ Target. Elevated Fabrication, Chic Cuts. Score.

Save for my purse + shoes, there’s a whole lotta Target going on here.

Good little Catholic that she is, the Wee Lass made her First Holy Communion yesterday.

Although I knew I’d see some seriously decked-out young dudes and dudettes at the ceremony (Florida is actually pretty damn Southern, once you get right down to it), I kinda wasn’t prepared for all the veils and taffeta.

And for a hot minute I second-guessed our sartorial game plan of just low-keying it with a cotton dress and shrug that she could wear anytime after.

In the end, it worked out fine. Of course it helped matters that Hubby gifted her with a diamond cross necklace right before we left for church. She was so taken aback – it’s her first piece of fine jewelry – that she promptly burst into tears. Awww…

Okay, onto the topic at hand: My outfit.

In this pic, I’m sporting an entire ensemble from Target’s Who What Wear collection.

Basically every time I go now, I rifle through the WWW racks. And while I’ve rejected plenty of styles outright – it’s a really big collection – and tried on other pieces only to decide they didn’t flatter my bod or fit my current WAHM lifestyle, I’ve also nabbed a number of items.

I have this peplum tank in ivory and black:

Be forewarned: Runs large.
















I have this silky peplum top (sensing a peplum theme?) in black:

Ditto. Wish I’d grabbed the XS.















I just got this layered ruffle skirt in peach:

Pretty, after a good ironing.












And these ruffled shorts in khaki:

With Birks, yes. White spikes? Nev. Er.














And I almost bought this frock in peach, but wobbled at the last minute:

Nixed at the check-out line.
















I think I still want it, but maybe in black.

I like the way it’s styled here – off the shoulders:

Styling is everything, no?
Styling is everything, no?
















All in all, I think this WWW merch is a keeper. So fingers crossed Target rides the wave for a while. I need to remember that the tops run large but once I do that, the coast is clear.

P.S. Can we pls discuss my DIY blowout here? I’m getting good, right? I know it’s my spendy T3 Proi dryer, along with Pureology Smooth Perfection Intense Smoothing Cream. But still, ya gotta give a gal props.

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