I’ve been keeping the kookiest work skedge lately. But I must say, it’s pretty damn productive.

I'm becoming a middle-of-the-night owl.
I’m becoming a task-slaying, middle-of-the-night owl.

Before we get rolling on the core topic of today’s blog post – how not to freak out if if, like moi, you’re keeping insanely kooky hours – can we please discuss owls for a moment?

Yes, owls.

I’m late to the owl game, but I am utterly besotted. They are so, so, sooooooo beautiful.

I first became intrigued after reading one of the Wee Lass’s books. The title is escaping me at the moment, but it featured an owl who lived at a library. And despite the fact that he was named Bookworm – and, according to folklore, owls are typically very, very smart – he couldn’t read.

Wait – I just looked it up: It’s a Stuart Little number – “Stuart at the Library“. If you have tiny tater tots clutching at your skirt hem, order. it. today. You will not be disappointed. Incredibly charming.

Anywho (get it? we’re e-chatting about owls and I say “anywho“?), after reading about Bookworm’s shame around being illiterate, I started noticing a lot of images of owls. And then I began seeking out images of owls.

Such magnificent creatures. J’adore.

But just because I love looking at owls doesn’t mean I want to be an owl. Owls are nocturnal; they’re up all night. Momover Lady is the opposite of nocturnal; she’s asleep by 9:30, 10 at the latest.

And recently, because of a number of work deadlines stacked on top of each other like a gnarly pile of bricks, I’ve been bounding out of bed circa 3:30 a.m.

Yes, you read that right: I’m cranking up the Keurig and cracking open the digital version of the New York Times at what amounts to the middle of the night for most people.

I’ve always been a morning person, but this…this is insanity.

And yet, it’s kinda working for me. I need to write when I’m fresh. And for the most part, that means right when I wake up. So this morning, after first waking up at 3:18 and trying to will myself back to sleep, I just decided to accept my fate and go ahead and start my day.

I read for a while, slurped coffee, and then finished an assignment and fired it off to my editor.

And now I’m blogging  (probably really badly, but at least I’m doing it) for the first time in days.

Happily, I know there are other super-productive middle-of-the-night owls to keep me company, if only electronically. For example, the Energizer Bunny leader of the bible study I attend – a total dynamo named Marybeth – has been pinging numerous emails to our group since about 5 a.m. this morning.

This same email-pinging-at-5-am Marybeth will no doubt be heading to the North Shore Aquatic Complex right after she finishes her bible study admin. She swims, rigorously, every morning – well before most people have even considered rolling out of bed.

So I’ve decided I’m in excellent company.

Do I want to keep this up, and continue to rise at crazy hours just to finish the tasks at hand? No. As soon as I get through this work crunch, I’d like to return to getting up at around 6 or 6:30. Which is still early, but not in the same league as 3:30.

But I think it’s important not to get too judgy about your sleep schedules. We women – because of kids, because of our hormones, because all the damn stuff we’re supposed to do each day – have to avail ourselves of our energy and mental bandwidth whenever we have access to it.

We just have to git ‘er done. And then get some sleep.