Knittin’ while I’m sittin’ is fun + fashiony

This big ol' mess of yarn could last thru umpteen road trips

I think I’ve mentioned a few million times that I’ve developed a nasty little driving phobia? To the extent that I never get behind the wheel of our sleek silver wheels?

Well, until we get back to Joisy and I take some lessons (and/or get hypnotized, because I already have my license, it’s the fear that’s the problem), that ain’t gonna change.

Thus, obvi, for our massive half-country trip, Hubby has been doing all the getting us to where we want to be going. And as his co-pilot, I am so wracked with guilt that I will not permit myself to sleep as much as a nano-wink while I’m parked next to him in the passenger’s seat.

Instead, I’ve come up with a brills solution that doesn’t involve me burying my nose in a book or magazine and getting all anti-social and un-bond-y: Knitting.

Although I struggled in my first attempt a month ago – I couldn’t for the life of me remember how to cast on – I dragged the troops to this adorable shop called Loopy Yarns while we were in Chicago. And after spending a small fortune on yarn, needles, a Knit Kit and one of the Stitch ‘N Bitch books, I happily had a eureka moment in our hotel room and I’ve been knitting ever since.

All through St. Louis, Tulsa, Branson, back to St. Louis. And now we’re in Nashville, about to head to Knoxville. We’re working our way northeast to be reunited with our lovely home and our furious meow-meows, Thunder and Lightning, who have been tucked away at the Cat Practice in Manhattan, no doubt cursing us for two solid weeks.

By the time we pull up to our condo complex, I may just have completed my first project. It’s a ginormous heathery purple scarf that I know I will wear with pride next winter. Delusionally, I like to think that it’s vaguely Yohji Yamamoto-ish or Comme des GarĪ‚ons–esque in its oversize scale and rough-hewn vibe.

Sure, there are a few dropped stitches (read: gaping holes) and such. But it’s mostly just awesome.

And awesome is good.

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