Laser Hair Removal Need-to-Knows from Spruce & Bond, Hot Mama Rachel Zoe’s De-Fuzzing Emporium

One of Spruce & Bond's many Manhattan locales.
One of Spruce & Bond’s many Manhattan locales. Ride your bike if you want!

Faithful readers know I totally worship Rachel Zoe.


If you don’t believe me, read this ‘Hot Mama Appreciation.’

And then read this post about how much I admire her psychotic level of over-packing.

And, finally, read this post in which I gallantly defend her from Internet trolls hating on her for wearing Eiffel Tower-height heels while preggo.

I can hear you now:

WTH does all this have to do with laser hair removal?

I’m about to tell you.

Rachel Zoe – my Rachel Zoe – is building a big ol’ beauty empire.

It’s called Hudson BLVD Group.

She started with the DreamDry blowout joints which are sooooo glamorous, and efficient, and I go every time I’m back in New York.

Then she scooped-up Pucker Makeup Studio.

And now she’s added Spruce & Bond, which endeavors to make hair removal a beauty-maintenance must “you actually look forward to.”

Lol…I don’t know if that will ever happen, but I can at least provide these great laser need-to-knows from Kelann Roberts, Spruce & Bond specialist.

Just in time for the big spring leg-reveal, here are…

Ten Things You Need to Know About Laser Hair-Removal

1. You have to shave pre-appointment so the technician can place the laser directly on the root of the hair.

2. At Spruce & Bond, the lasers adjust to not only your skin type, but your hair type as well. They fire a concentrated beam of light that’s directed at the pigment in your hair follicles. This kills the follicle at its root, preventing hairs from growing back.

3. You need to avoid waxing for up to 4 weeks before your first appointment. The laser targets the pigment of your hair follicle, and the follicle actually has to be there in order for this to work. Shave, yes. Wax, no.

4. It takes at least 5 to 6 sessions to achieve perfection. (You want that, right? Perfection?)

5. It’s important to stay consistent with your appointments. Space them out every 4-6 weeks so your hair has enough time to cycle. Everyone has their own specific growth cycle.

6. Some hair and skin types might be a little harder – but still possible – to treat. Dark hair follicles are usually easy because, again, the laser targets the hair’s pigment. This is also why gray, white, blonde, and red pigments can be tricky. Spruce & Bond uses a “color blind” Gentlelase Laser, which has the ability to target any color hair on any skin tone.

7. During your treatment, the sensation will feel like a rubber band snapping against your skin. Each session is about 20-30 minutes.

8. Post-treatment, avoid direct sunlight on that area and always use a moisturizer with SPF.

9. During the next day or two after, it’s normal for your skin to appear a little red. Avoid excessive heat and apply aloe vera to relieve redness.

10. It’s worth the time and money. Why? Because it’s permanent. With hair-removal, permanent is good. Permanent is awesome.

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