Ever Considered Hiring a Life Coach? Take a Gander At This Long + Lean “Info-Graphic”

Definitely the loooongest pic I've ever run!
If only I could be this skinny!

TGIF, my lovelies! Do we all have wild and woolly weekend plans? I certainly do. The Wee Lass is totes ditching us for a round of parties and other outings, so we’ll be taking full advantage of that situation.

I’m actually kinda dying to see The Boss, if truth be told. The turtlenecks!

Anyhoo, I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this, but lots of smart people have been reaching out to me lately, hoping I’ll share their self-improvement tools and gizmos with you Momoverettes.

The latest to come over the transom is this loooooooooooong info-graphic about the benefits of using a life coach.

Although I’ve never hired a coach, I desperately want to. My life is in a great place right now, but I could absolutely use some structure. I have so many ideas for writing projects I want to execute, not to mention that I’d like to…

1. Build the courage to drive beyond a 10-mile radius

2. Refresh my French to a decent-enough degree that we’re able to comfortably zip around Paris when we go there for vacance this summer

3. Carve something resembling abs out of the wobbly flesh that is my 10-years (!) postpartum belly

4. Organize our garage so it looks like a pristine page in a California Closets catalog

Although your goals are different, I know you have them.

So of course my eyeballs perked up when I saw an email come in from Tom Casano, founder of Life Coach Spotter. A former Wall Street type, Tom built Life Coach Spotter to help individuals like you, me and Sally Sue down the street connect the dots to coaches that are best suited to their needs.

The site’s a two-way street, too; If you’re a coach in need of clients, you may be a candidate for Life Coach Spotter’s growing ranks.

If you’re reading this post on an iPad or phone, you can of course do that finger-flick thing and blow up the info-graphic so you can actually read it.

But I’d also like to top-line the key benefits, per Tom, of hiring a life coach. Of those clients who have worked with them…

80% improved their self-confidence
72% improved their communication skills
57% improved their time management skills

How much more awesome would our lives be if we kicked self-confidence, communication and time-management up several notches? I get happy just thinking about that…

But that’s my problem. Sometimes I’m more of a Thinker/Talker than a Doer.

Which one are you?

Once you figure that out, you might want to hop on over to Life Coach Spotter.

While you’re there, don’t miss the Learning Center section of the site. There’s a ton of good content there, especially under the “Change Your Life” and “Goals” tabs.

Bon weekend amies!



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