Momover Lady’s Library: Life Coach In a Box by Carol Stanton, M.Ed, M.A.

Found this gem on my shelves. Yay!
Found this gem on my shelves. Yay!

I’ve done this a lot, and maybe you have, too: I gather materials for my future lives, my future selves, that I’m not quite ready for at that precise moment, but just know will come in super-handy at some point.

Rarely do I buy something of a self-help-y, crunchy nature and plow through it that same day.

With one huge exception: When I was actively soulmate-searching (prior to meeting The Man Who Would Be Hubby), I would devour countless how-to-get-a-man books. Countless. In fact, when I got engaged I lugged three massive shopping bags of ’em to the Salvation Army.

Can you imagine what the Salvation Army operative thought when he unpacked all those books? Howdy, biggest hussy-loser on the planet!

(For the record – and because Momover Lady’s Library is all about Momover Lady’s Library – my all-time faves in the vast how-to-catch-a-man canon were: A Fine Romance by Judith Sills and Getting To ‘I Do’ by Pat Allen. Those two really got me through quite a few dark nights of the soul.)

Okay, onward.

Since I haven’t needed any how-to-catch-a-man help for a dozen happy years, I’ve replaced that fixation with roughly 50 more.

But if I had to sum it all up, the running theme is Self-Improvement. I always want to do better. At everything.

Which is obvi why I impulse-purchased the cheery little number pictured here: Life Coach In a Box by Carol Stanton.

I can’t imagine what was going through my mind when I bought this several years ago, but I just remember thinking that the tasks the author lays out for readers were sooooooooo hard.

Circa now, maybe because I’m working for myself again and have more control over my schedule, these very same tasks seem absolutely manageable.

Downright do-able.

And, dare I say it? Even fun.

Yes, it can be fun to whip your sorry ass into all kinds of shape. Not just the flat-abs, thighs-don’t-touch kinda shape (although, hello, flat abs and thigh gaps – so important!)

Let’s get to specifics, shall we? And stop day-dreaming of thigh gaps? What’s wrong with you people??? So superficial!


Contained within there are: 1) A handy instruction booklet, outlining the plan. 2) A deck of cards broken into six big life buckets. And 3) A blank journal that’s also broken-out by those same big life buckets.


They are:

1. Spirituality

2. Work / Career

3. Relationships

4. Finance

5. Recreation

6. Health / Fitness


I have workaholic tendencies (there, I said it, grrr…), so of course I gravitate first toward the Work / Career bucket.

But I’m also A) impossibly crunchy, so the Spirituality bucket is whispering to me, and B) incredibly superficial, so I’m also interested in Health / Fitness.

Here’s the dealio, though: To get the most out of “Life Coach In a Box,” you should probably focus on an area you need some real help with.

Handy tip: Which one of these buckets is scaring the pants off you? Finance? Relationships? Go there first. Man up and just do it.


Each bucket has its own set of action cards, aka “coaching steps,” that are filled with lots of To Dos and questions you can answer in your journal.

Using the big. scary Finance bucket as an example, I’ll give you one money-related task, tip, or journal prompt for each action card:

1. Reflection: Take a look at your attitudes toward money, both earlier in your life and now.

2. Exploration: Look for a mentor or role model who is good with money and is willing to teach you about it.  

3. Vision: What would your ideal financial situation look like? 

4. Intention: Do you need to develop a budget? Rethink your lifestyle? See a financial advisor or attend a seminar? What are the steps you can take each day to become more financially responsible and work toward your goal? 

5. Challenges: What fears do I have about money? 

6. Allies: What resources can you use to learn more about money? 

7. Creativity: Make a collage of your dream house / vacation. 

8. Celebration: Make sure you include your reward when you’re creating your budget so you will not find yourself in financial trouble again. 


These life coach tasks are manageable, do-able, maybe even a little fun.

So glad I impulse-purchased this when I wasn’t ready for it.

Because now, I like totally am.