My 2014: Meditation, dry-brushing and NUTs

Keep it simple, Sexy
Keep it simple, Sexy, with a daily rubdown.

We’re only into Day Five of 2014, but I’m feeling super-duper optimistic about the year ahead.

Pourquoi, you ask?

Parce que I’ve been keeping up with my not-Earth-shaking-and-totally-doable-so-there’s-no-excuse-not-to-just-go-ahead-and-freaking-do-them-already New Year’s Resolutions.

They are, as the title of this blog post would suggest: 1.Meditating, 2. dry-brushing my bod before bed, right before dabbing patchouli oil on my wrists…aaaaaah, and 3) tackling my NUTs, aka Nagging Unfinished Tasks.

Here’s how I’m going about my little plan for world domination:

1. Meditation: I’m not inventing the wheel with this, but rather going exactly back to the routine I’ve blogged about on several occasions. Technically, what I do is a mashup of meditation and visualization – all to an ocean soundtrack. Faithful readers know that I’m sea-obsessed. Thus, my meditation sessions invariably start with me picturing myself at the tippity top of an extremely tricked-out lighthouse parked in the middle of Ocean Nowhere.

As I slip into my meditation / visualization, I get really specific about what I’m wearing, what the room looks like, should I carry a giant fat chunky candle in one of those chic hurricane-lamp thingies and park it on the windowsill before I gaze out at the roiling, churning sea? What color is the flokati rug today? The faux-suede banquets? How about a soft, powder gray? And what am I wearing? Let’s go for a cozy / comfy / sporty all navy ensemble: cotton shorts, V-neck T, hoodie and Fuggs (aka Fake Uggs – I don’t buy real sheepskin, only the cruelty-free phoney baloney synthetic stuff…).

I realize I get very hung-up on the superficial aspects of my meditation / visualization (wait…maybe I should just call it my medi-ualization…). And I could probably stand to formalize it a bit.

As luck would have it, January’s Zen Habits Sea Change Program “module” is A Month of Mindfulness. And just last night, my Ultimate Crunchy Crush – Leo “Zen Habits” Babauta sent out an email asking whether we intrepid Sea-Changers have any meditation Qs we’d like to ask him.

If I’m feeling a little bolder this afternoon, I may write and ask about whether I should toss my medi-ualization plan and apply a little discipline and structure to my meditation sessions. I’ll let you know if I harness the courage to actually email my Ultimate Crunchy Crush…

2. Dry-brushing. Unlike meditation, for which there are approximately eight-bazillion well-regarded studies attesting to its many 360-degree wellness benefits, there’s much debate on the World Wide Interweb about whether dry-brushing does a cotton-picking thing for us.

But guess what? I don’t really care if – as I’ve previously blogged – it stimulates lymph drainage, and reduces the appearance of cellulite and spider veins. (Although, anecdotally, I’m absolutely convinced it polishes the skin and gets rid of the flaky flakes…)

Rather, I just like to incorporate drybrushing into my nightly pre-bed ritual. Like my meditating, my dabs of patchouli on my wrists and my trusty sleep mask, it helps me drift into sleep quickly and easily. And given how much middle-of-the-night insomnia I have, those early hours of sleep are crucial.

One more plug for this ancient beauty ritual: It feels fantastic. That alone is reason to Just Do It.

3. Tackling my NUTs. Whether they actually coined the phrase or not, the smarty docs behind the “You” book series – Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen – have written extensively about dealing with our NUTs. When we ignore our NUTs, say these smarty docs, stress builds. Better to just knock ’em off in a timely manner.

In my little neck of the woods, NUTs come in all shapes and sizes. Some take literally 10 minutes to dispatch and be done with; others are intimidatingly massive.

– An example of one of my small NUTs:  As the Xmas break kicked off, I knew I needed to “fringe” three scarves that I knitted. One for the Wee Lass, one for my cherished pal Maryellen, and one for moi. I fringed the Wee Lass’s, fringed Maryellen’s and UPSd the scarf to her in Brooklyn (yay!), and now I’m just down to the last-half of the one I knitted for myself. While I completely loooooooooooove to knit, I completely don’t looooooooooooove to fringe. So the fact that I’ve fringed 2.5 scarves in the past week is NUT Award-worthy.

– An example of one of my intimidatingly massive NUTs: Actually, there are two that are weighing very heavily on me right now: One, I need to build a super-serious, business-y portfolio website of my work. And two, it’s of paramount importance that I really and truly conquer my FOD (Fear of Driving) already.

Okay, so maybe my FOD isn’t a NUT. Maybe it’s such a big issue for me that it falls outside the low-key, pesky-annoyance parameters of NUT-dom.

Still, I’d like to check it off my To Do list. And devoted Momoverettes know I’m desperately trying. Yesterday, for example, on our way home from Great Wolf Lodge, I insisted on highway-driving a good chunk of the way. It was pretty scary. I’ll blog about that tomorrow.