Pls Bear With Me For a Hot Sec While Momover “Re-Brands”

I swear I'm fishing. Because I do that.

Clap your manicured paws if you’re into clich├ęd, overworked marketing-speak like “re-branding.”

Neither am I.

And yet, here I am, using it.

Because that’s what we’re doing here at Momover Central. We’re getting a fresh design and a content re-think.

I’ve hired a UK-based creative company to help with the visuals, and they pinkie-swear promise they’re on it.

(See how I’m using this post to publicly prod the UK-based creative company into moving my project to the front burner? Momover Lady is sooooo damn clever.)

Anyway, I’m traveling for the next month – heading to New York in like five minutes, then onto London and Paris in the next few weeks after that.

So I wouldn’t be posting really anyway.

And now with this – gag – “re-branding” underway, I just think it’s smart to officially go away for a bit.

I’ll be back in September, if all goes as planned.

(Right, UK-based creative company? September?)

Until then, poke around in the archives. I’ve written 659 posts on this here itty bitty website. Every time I beat myself up for being a massive slacker, I try to remember that I’m actually not a massive slacker.

I’m just – like you, my lovely reader – a busy mommy with a lot on her plate.


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