Rob Lowe, in all his chiseled-chin Rob Lowe-ness, just makes me really happy

Love the peacoat. Chic.
Love the peacoat. Chic.

It’s Monday, so I *should* be writing about produits de beaute.

Sorry, Charlies.

You’re just either gonna have to tap the “Armoire Mondays” category tab at left here to git yer fix, or wait until next week, when I’ll saddle on up again and write about some hair goo that is seriously giving me a new lease on life. I mean, this stuff is gooooooood. It deserves me firing on all beauty cylinders when I tell you about it.

In the meantime, let’s buckle up for a little lap through Superficiality Central, shall we? A stroll down Pop Culture Lane?

Why? Because I’m deeply charmed by Rob Lowe’s adorbs new show, The Grinder, that’s why.

It’s on Fox, so I don’t want to hear any bs excuses about not being able to watch it, “because it’s on [FILL-IN PREMIUM CABLE CHANNEL HERE…], and I don’t get [FILL-IN PREMIUM CHANNEL HERE].”

You know what? If you live in America, and you have a TV – bingo, you have FOX, foxy.

Okay, so why do I love The Grinder? Let me sum it up for you, foxy.

The cast – led my Mr. Chiseled Chin and Fred “Wonder Years” Savage – is great. But I think the conceit of the show really works too.

If you haven’t seen it, Rob plays an actor who spent several years playing a larger-than-life lawyer named Mitchard Grinder. Everything Grinder touches turns to gold, and when he isn’t winning every case he barely glances sideways at, he’s fending off women right and left.

A superhero disguised as an attorney…

After the show gets axed, Grinder – whose “real” name in the show is Dean – decides to move back to his home town to reconnect with his dad and brother, both attorneys in the family practice. And then he has a – shazzam! – epiphany: Why not become an actual lawyer?

Or at least an almost-actual lawyer. There won’t be any of this going-to-law-school jazz. He’ll just pull endless arrows from his Grinder quiver, and, bam, victory.

Not that everything is rosy in Dean’s life. No wife, no kids – he wants meaning. He wants a cozy, comfy, well-rounded life like his dweeby little brother Stew has.

And he desires – desperately desires – people to stop sucking up to him just because he’s famous. If only he could be loved for himself, not the Superhero Attorney he once played on TV.

I felt validated for my fondness of this crazy-cute show when Rob Lowe was nominated for a Golden Globe last week.

This is his sixth Globe nod, and my fingers are crossed for the handsome devil. Now 51, he just keeps re-inventing himself, giving hope to us all.