Say howdy to the world’s cutest electric toothbrush…for your baby!!! (Yup, it’s aimed at Mr. or Miss Gums)

I know you want one in every color. I sure do.
I know you want one in every color. I sure do.

I won’t reveal his name to protect the innocent, but when I was a tiny tater tot growing up in the Great Plains of Oklahoma, one of my many rascally boy cousins drank so much “pop” that he had to have his BABY teeth removed because they were so cratered with cavities.

This was back in the 70s – can you even imagine that happening now? Jesus, these days, if you don’t take your pooch or pussy cat to the dentist on the reg, you get thoroughly shamed by the shamers.

So pervasive is Teeth Guilt in our culture that it paved the way for Foreo ISSA Mikro, the unspeakably adorbs new electric toothbrush for your probably-mostly-toothless tot.

I’m on a psychotic set of deadlines (when am I not on a psychotic set of deadlines?), so please allow me to top-line this smart add-on to your family oral care:

1. It’s crafted from silicone, and specifically for infants, so it’s über-soft and cozy.

2. It offers a gentle gum massage for little lads and lassies from 0 to 4.

3. It’s made by the same co that stocks all those low-tech skin-cleansing gizmos beauty editors go nuts over.

4. It’s not available just yet, but if you go here, you can sign-up for a 40 percent off pre-sale. Who wouldn’t want 40 percent off?

I recently read this great piece in the New York Times about the importance of taking primo care of your wee one’s baby teeth. Doing that basically sets them up for a lifetime of easier hangouts in that trusty pleather chair. You want that for your kid, right? Fewer close encounters with a dentist’s drill?

Go get in line for this crazy-cute gadget.

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