The deeper meaning of the New Moon in Virgo: It’s time to clean + org my closet. Ba dum bump…

I have my first date with a ThredUp bag. Wish me luck!
About to go on my first date with a thredUp bag. Wish me luck!

Good morning, fellow Crunchistas and star-gazers! Are we all champing at the bit for the upcoming New Moon this Sunday at the crack of dawn?

SIDEBAR I: It is “champing,” btw. Not “chomping.” You’re so welcome, my grammar-challenged friend!


SIDEBAR II: Actually, the New Moon arrives at precisely 2:41 EDT on September 13, which is more like the middle of the night rather than the crack of dawn. WHAT. EVER.

I’ve previously blogged about harvesting the power of New Moons to move our personal, ahem, agendas forward.

Uh oh…I sense another SIDEBAR coming on…

SIDEBAR III: Is “having an agenda” ALWAYS a bad thing? It sounds selfish, non? I can’t decide. I just know that sometimes I am completely, utterly in tune with my own personal agenda. Snap.

Okay, I’ll stop SIDEBAR-ing now. Focus, focus. Hocus pocus…

Evidently this New Moon is partnered with a solar eclipse, which makes it especially powerful in terms of setting the stage for any plans you might be making, or maximizing opportunities that arise.

For anyone who’s new to the New Moon-maximization idea, it’s fairly simple to wrap your mind around: The two weeks that follow a New Moon are considered ideal for executing plans.

But first, right before a New Moon, it’s a good idea to set your intention. Don’t go too cray with this; no 50-point, Napoleon-on-the-eve-of-Waterloo, insanely detailed battle plan.

Just pick one or two things you really want to try to work on and zero-in. Maybe you want to hit the gym four times a week instead of two. Maybe you want to whittle down your mindless World Wide Interweb surfing to 30 mins a day, max, from your typical two hours.

Or maybe, like me, you want to turn your walk-in on its ass, and decide the fate of every stitch of clothing, every shoe, every bijou, every fashion mag (yes, I have a few stacks of Vogue, Bazaar, Porter and Town & Country in there, so shoot me), every everything.

Although my Kindle informs me that I’m only 48% of the way through The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying UpI did read the section on “Clothing”.

And I gotta say…it kinda freaked me out. Ol’ Marie (Kondo, the author of Tidying – we’re on a first-name basis) wants you to place your every everything on the floor first before figuring-out whether it stays or gets the boot.

I won’t be doing that with my every everything. Well, maybe I’ll do it, but only a section at a time. No way am I doing it lock, stock and barrel. I have a Hubby I love very much, and I don’t want to subject him to our master bedroom being turned into a complete and total hovel while I’m Kondo-ing.

While I’ve never consigned anything in my entire life (or even been on Ebay), I’m going to try to sell some of my purged loot via thredUP.

I ordered a bag moons ago, even before our fab trip last month to the Pacific Northwest.

And now that this solar eclipse-strengthened New Moon in Virgo is upon us (this Sunday! 2:41 EDT!), I figure it’s finally time to set my intention. And it is: Clean + org my closet.

But first, there’s a little something called the U.S. Open