This collab between Pat McGrath and Kim West on Violet Grey is too stunning to not blog about

Perhaps the hottest of hot mamas.
Perhaps the hottest of hot mamas. And Pat McGrath? G-E-N-I-U-S.

Although I’ve never written about her here on, I did recently explore the impact of Kim Kardashian West’s crazy-chiseled cheekbones in this story about contouring for The New York Post.

I’ve seen those cheekbones up close and personal, and I can assure you they’re quite maje.

But here’s what’s even more maje: Pat McGrath.

Oh my lordy. Pat McGrath. She’s up there – waaaaaay up there – in the pantheon of incredible makeup artists.

And she’s hilarious, and eminently quotable, and friendly and fun – always a plus for a Beauty Director on deadline.

Between KKW’s otherworldly bone structure and the major-league majorness of Pat McGrath, you can imagine my glee when an email landed in my inbox about the new cover story on Violet Grey.

McGrath took her paints and powders to Kardashian West, with a super-interesting twist: The inspiration was Cleopatra by way of Elizabeth Taylor, and the result is pretty astonishing.

Decades before I met Kardashian West at a beauty event, I met Elizabeth Taylor. This was in the 90s, when her White Diamonds fragrance was on fire.

But not only did I meet Elizabeth Taylor, I subsequently flew to her Bel Air home to interview her for W. We talked about her perfumes, about her tireless work for amFAR, about her many husbands, about…her incredible, one-in-a-million life.

Sidebar: Taylor’s living room was filled with gigundo, planet-sized Amethyst crystals. Suddenly, I want to do recon about the spiritual powers mega-chunks of Amethyst confer. What was her trip with those babies?

Like McGrath, La Liz was hilarious, and eminently quotable, and friendly and fun. That interview was, without question, a highlight of my career.

The Violet Grey cover story is not only stunning, it does a really nice jobs of connecting the dots between McGrath, Kardashian West, Liz Taylor and Cleopatra. A pack of super-cool broads if ever there was one.